Monday, August 31, 2015

Maybelline Mystery Solved: Meet Epsom of Epsom Downs Racetrack

Lalique horses head

Lalique horses head

Lalique car mascot “Epsom” as a horses head.

Epsom Downs is a Grade 1 racecourse near Epsom, Surrey, England.  The course is best known for hosting The Derby Stakes which has come to be widely referred to as the Epsom Derby

 the HORSE HEAD MASCOT on Tom Lyle Williams '40 Packard, is a LALIQUE  France  or copy of. 

 Lalique was famous for their crystal Mascot
 of the 20s and 30s.
 Most known for crystal but earlier worked in bronze. These Mascots are  a hobby all its own.

TL most likely chose it from a Lalique catalog

(the Packard today, is owned by Bill Snyder.)

That '40 PACKARD has a lot of Horsepower !!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Book - Love to c it made into a Movie. Has everything for a great Movie. A GREAT GATSBY
and a little more. In Robert Redford younger days
 he would have been a perfect TL.

 B. Keating

Thank you for discovering the history of Tom Lyle Williams 1940 Packard Victoria, horse head hood ornament Mr. Keating, it has been a mystery forever. It's one more piece of the puzzle that makes up a beautiful picture of our Great uncle's passion for custom designed automobiles.

My Agent, is in negotiations with Producers for a Miniseries now. My second book is being edited. 

Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Christian Dior and Maybelline High Fashion in the 1950's

the New Look of Maybelline, 1952.
Christian Dior was Responsible for dramatically changing the style of the 1950s.  Dior created the” new look” which used lots of fabric and exaggerated the hourglass shape of the female figure. The new look was in direct contrast to the frugal and plain styles during the war, but women and the fashion industry embraced the move back to glamour. 

New Look became revolutionary and strongly popular, influencing fashion and other designers for many years to come. Prominent Hollywood figures and the European upper-class became instant clients. Paris, which had fallen from its position as the capital of the fashion world after WWII, regained its esteemed position due in part to the attention it gained form Dior's New Look.

Maybelline represented high fashion since the 1930s, but when Dior became the mark of excellence, Tom Lyle introduced one of television's most beloved and fashionable stars of the 1950s. 

Maybelline Eyes, late 1950's 

Including Loretta Young who starred in The Loretta Show in the 1950's.  He was a major influence on what the middle class housewife considered high fashion.

My Mother, Pauline Williams, in her
 Dior and Maybelline 1955

Monday, August 24, 2015

1934 Packard sold at auction for $3.63 million. Experts say it wasn't the original car owned by Maybelline owner, Tom Lyle Willimas

During the 1930's and 40's, Tom Lyle, Emery Shaver and Arnold Anderson made up the West Coast branch of the Maybelline Co.  These three men handled the entire Advertising department and produced some of the most artistic photographs of movie stars ever seen. 

Tom Lyle worked with the major film studios, movie stars and ad agency who booked ads in magazines and newspapers seen around the world.  Emery wrote the copy for the ads and created Maybelline's famous slogans. Arnold a creative genius when it came to  touch-up and "before and after" shots, used technicolor to perfect his photos to Tom Lyle's satisfaction. 

Their story is clearly spelled out in my book, The Maybelline Story, but in case you've already read the book and wished for more pictures of Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino and the three men who lived there, here are some rare vintage black and whites.

Tom Lyle and his custom 1934 Packard,
 worth $3.65 million today

Tom Lyle and Emery on the deck, with the 1934 Packard Vee Windshield,  parked in front of the Villa Valentino.

Tom Lyle Williams on the right in California with his lifetime partner Emery and Bud Shaver.
Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino in
 the Hollywood Hills.

The car sold for $3.63 million yesterday.  I ran in to a friend of mine at Pebble yesterday who actually restored 1108-43 and he said it's not the same car.  In his opinion the car appeared to originally have side mounts when he restored it. This would mean it couldn't be Tom's car. He is a good guy and a straight shooter so I take it to the bank.  

This means the Maybelline car is still out there or was destroyed.

Mat Kilkenny

Monday, August 17, 2015

Maybelline's namesake, Mabel Williams Hewes, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary

August 17, 1892 is Mabel Williams Hewes's Birthday.
On August 17, 1926, she married sweet Chet.  She's been gone 40+ years and she is still deeply missed by her devoted family. 
How many women in the world are aware that they owe a debt of gratitude to a young lady called Maybel Williams.

The resourceful girl had a flash of inspiration and burned a cork, mixed the ashes with some Vaseline and then applied it to what was left of her lashes. In an instant she resembled a Hollywood starlet! ‘Eureka!’ – mascara was born ! Not exactly of course. The art of dying lashes goes back to Cleopatra, but there was no removable cosmetic of this kind that a woman could buy over the counter.
Her brother Tom along with his brother Noel took this idea and developed Lash Brow Line – the worlds first commercially available mascara.In 1916 he changed the name to Maybelline – named after – you guessed it – Maybel Williams! The name being a combination of Maybel and Vaseline !
Maybelline's namesake, Mabel Williams Vintage Wedding Album pictures

Mabel may have put  the "M" in Maybelline, but, she had no interest in being just another "It Girl," or "Vamp."  She was a traditional, 32 year old, Southern Lady, waiting for her man to come along.  

Unbeknownst to her, Chester Randolph Hewes, was living in Chicago and working at Montgomery Wards, in the automotive, advertising department.

Mabel's brother, Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams with the Bride and Groom and Chet's sister Bonnie.

At the time Chester, was involved with an English girl he'd met in England, while in the Navy, during

WW l.  He had said goodbye to her and her family after his stint was over, headed back to the US, got a job and was busy working.  When all of a sudden, Connie, her mother and several grown brothers showed up on his doorstep.
Mabel with her father, Thomas Jefferson Williams

He told her he did not want to marry her, but being a gentleman, arranged for an apartment for the family and  jobs for her brothers.  After awhile she realized Chester, just wasn't that into her, so, packed up her family and sadly, headed back to England.

1928 Mabel and Chet with their first child, Shirley

Mabel met Chester, through his sister Bonnie when he came to pick up Bonnie at a bridal shower given at the home of Chester's then girlfriend.  Mabel was also a guest and after Chester met her, he told a friend, Mabel was the girl he was going to marry.

1934, Mabel and Chet with their three children, Shirley, Tommy and baby Joyce.

Mabel is the Bell in Maybelline and still rings clear today and always.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Maybelline Cousin, Chuck Williams, "BB1" takes Las Vegas Racing World by Storm.

My cousin Chuck Williams, also known as BB1, (number one Beach Boy Fan) is involved with this exciting new adventure in Las Vegas.  He is known for being a "Car Guy," and this is the ultimate "Car Guy" adventure.
 Catch the details below.  Link to article at

 bottom of the page.

Chuck spends time in Las Vegas in his Mercedes Motor Coach. He's helping the team with his experience of racing cars on racetracks. More exciting news to follow, as Chuck heads to Vegas next month to get construction under way. 
Click on link below and read all about it 
100 Acres of South Las Vegas Blvd. to be Transformed Into the Newest Only-In-Vegas Experience
Green Light Given to SPEEDVEGAS

LAS VEGAS, NV (June 1, 2015) Start your engines, on May 6, 2015, SPEEDVEGAS was given the green light to transform 100 acres of South Las Vegas Blvd. into the city’s newest, adrenaline educing  supercar experience. The Clark County Commissioners, responsible for planning and development of the Las Vegas Strip, unanimously voted in favor of the SPEEDVEGAS project that will feature a Welcome Center, Event Center and masterfully designed supercar course. Located just 10 minutes from the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, SPEEDVEGAS is poised to become a South Las Vegas Boulevard’s iconic destination. SPEEDVEGAS is scheduled to open in January 2016.
“We are thankful to the community and Commission for embracing the project,” said Aaron Fessler, Co-Founder and CEO of SPEEDVEGAS. “The vision has been to develop an experience that most have only dreamt of. Thanks to the overwhelming support of Las Vegas, that vision is now realized as SPEEDVEGAS.”

SPEEDVEGAS will offer experiences driving or riding in the world’s most sought-after exotic and muscle cars including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Ford Shelby, Corvette and many more. Visitors will feel the true performance of these supercars on a course inspired by Formula One racetracks with rising elevations changes, sweeping turns and a straightaway that compares to the top circuits in the world. The masterfully designed course will be fully lit allowing for after dark experiences and events. The unique Las Vegas Event Center will accommodate thousands of people. The multilevel Welcome Center will have indoor and outdoor observation decks, a café, meeting space and much more.

“We are listening to the visitors, and to Las Vegas. Visitors are seeking extraordinary life experiences that they cannot do at home,” said Allison Raskansky, Vice President of Business Development for SPEEDVEGAS. “We have teamed up with some of the leading Vegas professionals, representing different segments of the tourism industry, to ensure SPEEDVEGAS will deliver what the visitors are looking for and that Las Vegas will be proud to call its own.”

SPEEDVEGAS is the culmination of preparation, research and experience gathered over nearly a decade by the owners of World Class Driving and founders of this project, Aaron Fessler and Tom Mizzone.  They are proud to have World Class Driving recognized by TripAdvisor as the # 1 driving experience for several years and plan to continue exceeding the customers’ expectations with SPEEDVEGAS.
Image Credit: SPEEDVEGAS & Gruskin Architecture + Design 
SPEEDVEGAS is an everything-speed experience that allows anyone to become a supercar rock star. It is proudly located on South Las Vegas Blvd. just 10 minutes from the world-famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign (Exit 25 off on Interstate 15). SPEEDVEGAS is a 100 acre speed complex which will feature a multilevel Welcome Center complete with indoor and outdoor observation decks, café, meeting space and much more; an Event Center that will accommodate thousands of people; and a supercar course inspired by Formula One racetracks with rising elevations changes, sweeping turns and a straightaway that compares to the top circuits in the world. The masterfully designed course will be fully lit allowing for after dark experiences and events. SPEEDVEGAS will have some of the world’s most sought-after exotic and muscle supercars including, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Ford Shelby, Corvette and many more. 1-877-597-6403

Monday, August 10, 2015

Excerpt from a diary written by Maybelline founder's niece, while visiting the Villa Valentino in 1940,

Old Hollywood Glamour 1940 style - Tuxedos, False Eyelashes, Daiquiris and Dancing the Conga.

left to right.  Tom Lyle Williams, Jane Allen, Emery Shaver, Annette Williams, Arnold Anderson.

We drove to Pasadena to see a sketch of Tom Lyle's new car.  The artist for Packard had sketched it on a blackboard, actual size, to give tom Lyle an idea of dimensions.  Believe it will be some sporty job. The car will be a long convertible, four or five passenger, cream with red leather upholstering.  From the sketch it looks as if this will be the best looking and most unusual car Tom Lyle has had.  We spent the afternoon waiting for Tom Lyle to get all details settled, and stopped at a Drive-in for a sandwich.  Rushed home to dress forEarl Carroll's.

Another big night.  Tom Lyle and Arnold dressed in tuxedos again and we wore formals.  I decided to wear false eyelashes and felt like one of the glamour girls.  Evelyn and Bill went with us to Earl Carrolls, so there were six in the party until around eleven when Emery joined the crowd.  Earl Carrolls beautiful night club, much larger than Ciros, with a stage away from the tables for dancing.

 We all had a turn at dancing, but Annette and Arnold did the Conga with the crowd.  The rest of us were sitting at the table and enjoyed the entertainment.  Had a couple of daiquiris around the table and dinner at ten or ten thirty.  The floor show here was gorgeous with loads of beautiful girls.  The stage was revolving, so there were many unusual arrangements in dance.  Bert Wheeler was master of ceremonies.
Villa Valentino fountain with statue, ASPIRATION.

  Left Earl Carroll's around two, took Evelyn and Bill home, but didn't get to bed until around 4 A.M.  The moon was beautiful when we got home, and Tom Lyle turned on all the flood lights in the garden.  With the fountain, lights, flowers and moon, the garden was gorgeous.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

It's possible that Maybelline's Tom Lyle Williams, 1934 Packard Twelve 1108 Sport Sedan, one of three made, is being auctioned for $2,000,000. to $3,000,000.

Is Tom Lyle Williams beautiful custom made Packard V Windshield, going to auction for $2,000,000, to $3,000,000? 

Click on link below and read the whole story. If the family can't provide sales documents, the automobile will remain anonymous.  If it is Tom Lyle's car, it will never get the historical recognition it deserves. 

Most beautiful closed car ever made.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maybelline model and actress Lois Collier, represented the "American ideal," for early 1950's teenage girls

Lois Collier was spotted by a scout for Universal Pictures and given a seven-year contract. Although Lois possessed a beautiful singing voice, Universal seldom gave her a chance to show it off, and she was stuck in a succession of B pictures and serials. When her contract expired, she freelanced and did a few comedies for Monogram and some serials for Republic. In 1951 she got a role on the "Boston Blackie" (1951) TV series, and stayed on the show until it was canceled in 1954, after which she retired from the business.

Jungle Queen 1945 Serial.

Read more about Lois Collier in.....The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.  

MAYBELLINE MODEL LOIS COLLIER and the Hollywood Star System.

Lois Collier, one of Universal Studio's beautiful and talented actresses was showcased in Maybelline ads during World War 11.  She was discovered after winning a a contest sponsored by CBS Radio for a part in a radio play in Hollywood. 

Collier, like many starlets during the War Era appeared on the cover ofYank, the Army Weekly as well as Maybelline print ads in various popular magazines. She was part of the Hollywood Star System that used companies like Maybelline to help promote movie stars careers.   

From 1940 through 1949 Collier's career would be active and somewhat successful, with her playing mostly heroine roles in B-movies, including Westerns, Horror and Science Fiction thrillers. 

Collier held the second female lead in what is considered the best of theMaria Montez adventure films, “Cobra Woman.” She also joined Loretta Young, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Anne Gwynne and Evelyn Ankers in the wartime drama “Ladie’s Courageous.” The Walter Wanger production told the story of the Women’s Auxiliary Ferrying Squadrons of the Second World War.

Collier appealed to young movie-goer's who balanced the horror of war with escapism.  Collier was young, beautiful and captivated her audience with those beautiful Maybelline Eyes!  She brought loads of young women into dime stores with disposable money ready to spend on Maybelline so they too could have "The Collier Look."   

Monday, July 27, 2015

Loretta Young, Maybelline's Hollywood Madonna, a symbol of beauty, serenity, and grace. But behind the glamour and stardom was a woman of substance.

Nobody loves old Hollywood movies and Movie Stars more than I do.  Not just because so many of them endorsed Maybelline ad's between 1915-1967, but because my mother's father Andrew Mac Donald was a Motion Picture Pioneer in Hollywood from 1915 to 1967.  I grew up surrounded by Maybelline history from my great uncle Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company and stories from my grandfather Andy who worked at MGM and knew most every Star at the studio.

 My grandfather's story is lightly glazed over in my book, The Maybelline Story, because it's so extensive it needs to be a book itself, but you do get a brief picture of what his life was like during the Golden Age of MGM.  That being said, you can understand why I was so fixated on wanting to be a Star myself, or at least a Maybelline Model.

I asked my grandfather about Clark Gable, who I adored as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.  I was shocked when he said  "Gable was a very bad man," but wouldn't elaborate on the subject.  I never knew what he meant until this book about Loretta Young, came.  My grandfather disapproved of  Gable for abandoning Loretta Young when she was pregnant with their child, during the making of Call of the Wild in 1935.  He rejected their daughter all his life.

This story is clearly spelled out in Loretta Young's book, Hollywood Madonna, and though it makes me sad, I also realize how the Hollywood Star System worked at MGM and how any scandal could destroy a Stars career.  Gable and Young put their careers over their daughter and ruined her childhood.

Loretta Young's Daughter talks about her mother and father during the making of Call of the Wild.

Maybelline and Loretta Young represent classic beauty in the 1950s. 

Maybelline as well represented fashion and glamour with serenity and grace, always ahead of it's time.

Click below to view Lorretta Young as televisions best dressed most elegant woman in the industry. 

Like Loretta Young, Tom Lyle Williams was blessed with classic features and demended perfection in himself and his Maybelline Company.

  Want to meet Tom Lyle Williams and the Williams Family, be sure to purchase The Maybelline Story and brace yourself for quite a ride. 


Loretta Young hosted and starred in the well-received half hour anthology series The Loretta Young Show. It ran from 1953 to 1961. Her trademark was to appear dramatically at the beginning in various high fashion evening gowns. Her program ran in prime time on NBC for eight years, the longest-running prime-time network program hosted by a woman up to that time
The Loretta Young Show, put women front stage and center, and created a vehicle for Maybelline to reach a larger target market in the 1950's.

The Loretta Young Show ran from 1953 to 1961. Her trademark was to come through a door dramatically at the beginning in various high fashion evening gowns.

The Lorette Young, TV series, worked through the image of the glamorous Hollywood star, and would forever remain a phenomenon of 1950s television, the period in which the Hollywood studio system that had created larger-than-life stars came to a close.

Her program ran in prime time on NBC for eight years, the longest-running prime-time network program hosted by a woman up to that time.

In 1988, she was awarded the Women in Film Crystal Award. for outstanding women who, through their endurance and the excellence of their work, have helped to expand the role of women within the
entertainment industry.

Maybelline capitalized on Loretta Young's fashionable image. with a series of ads that illustrated her persona.. and affirmed postwar ideas, that true happiness, was possible, within the domestic/heterosexual sphere of the middle-class home.