Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Voice America Radio: "What happened to Miss Maybelline" interview with Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story

Voice America Hosted by Patricia Raskin 

Join Patricia as she interviews Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story: And the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. 
She is heir to the Maybelline legacy and is Maybelline Founder,
Tom Lyle Williams's grandniece and is the steward of much of
the vast Maybelline archives, Williams tells the story of the birth
 of the Maybelline empire her fascinating family.


The Maybelline Story

Hosted by Patricia Raskin

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

"The Maybelline Story" Chinese Edition available on Amazon $19.99 Polish Translation available now

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The Maybelline Story now Holds Foreign Rights Translations: Spain/Spanish –Chinese, Estonia and Poland

Maybelline Story epitomizes the Entrepreneurial Spirit, woven into the fabric of the 20th Century through one little company that became a Global Phenomenon... 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Olivia De Havilland ‘Feud’ Lawsuit; Trial To Start In November listen to Sharrie Williams Comments on her 6 minute video blog

De Havilland, now 101 years old wants to be remembered with “respect for difficult work well done.” Not as a gossipy back stabbing competitive, jealous Star. 

This isn’t her first Lawsuit fighting for what she feel is right. Her Lawsuit with Warner Brothers in 1944 made waves in Hollywood that still hold strong today.
Listen to my 6 minute segment with Host Al Amid, on American Narratives radio show. A lively discussion on why De Havilland filed suit with the producers of the miniseries Feud. 

As FX and the producers of Feud: Bette and Joan learned today in court, time waits for no one, especially if 101-year old Olivia de Havilland wants a speedy trial for her lawsuit over how she was depicted in the Emmy nominated series.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Why the Hollywood Film Industry left California. Sharrie Williams author and commentator discusses this on American Narratives with host Al Amid

There is some good news. Several TV projects have been approved for tax including TV’s Scream Queens, HBO’s Ballers, Lethal Weapon and Lucifer, which filmed its first two seasons in Vancouver but is relocating production to Los Angeles. Netflix as well plans to film in in LA now.

6 minute video from American Narratives Radio Show 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Have you tried Maybelline's Brow Drama Pomade Crayons. my review.

Brow Drama is my new favorite Maybelline product. It's an Eyebrow Crayon.  Ultra creamy, super easy to use, slides on without having to be precise and as always you can't beat the price.

 I have very light, sparse brows and this works like magic.  Its ads just enough color and shape to my light features. there isn't a large variety of colors, but I love the blond.  It's subtle yet adds a touch of drama. Once I apply it I use a little mascara wand to make it look more natural.

If you just want to darken your brows with just a hint of color like me or you want to add more crayon to fill in sparse areas, you'll love this product too. You can buy it online from Amazon or at any drugstore for between $7.00 and $10.00

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What happens to movies and squeals when stars unexpectedly die during production

Al Amid.....Even though we have never met these celebrities – and never would have met them even if they had continued living, we sometimes take their deaths very hard. Why is that?

Sharrie Williams.....As Fans, we learn to care about our favorite Stars, from their movies and their larger than life persona's in the media.  We identify with them and the characters they play in films. They're larger than life and they are part of our lives.
In this, the fifth edition of American Narratives we start with political science professor and analyst Ralph Hamlett in North Carolina for his scrutiny of the headlines from Washington and President Trump’s narratives.
From London England financial analyst Gavin Graham looks at the terrorism situation in Europe and what it might mean for our investment portfolios.
Former KGB spy Jack Barsky looks behind some of the headlines about Russian meddling.
From Jerusalem, Mr. Avi, a conflict analyst looks at Hamas, a militant Middle East group, its activities and its impact there.
From Hollywood, author and commentator Sharrie Williams looks at the effect of the death of a celebrity icon and the aftermath, including the recent release of the coroner’s report on the death of Carrie Fisher.
American Narratives is produced and anchored by Al Emid journalist, broadcaster and author of several books including What You need to Know About Isis
This program is produced by Al Emid – For editorial and press inquiries write to:

Today’s Guests

Ralph Hamlett
Ralph Hamletton American Narratives
Gavin Graham
Gavin Grahamon American Narratives
Jack Barsky
Jack Barskyon American Narratives
Mr. Avi
Mr. Avion American Narratives
Sharrie Williams
Sharrie Williamson American Narratives

Monday, August 28, 2017

100% CBD Hemp Oil without THC gives me that feel good feeling without the high of cannabis

In my book, The Maybelline Story, I not only tell about the birth, great success and sale of the Maybelline Company, but also, how I was affected by the life changing event within my family.

 For me using drugs and alcohol was common place in my 20's as my "Party Girl" persona, influenced by the Campbell Soup Artist,  Andy Warhol's legendary, "Edie Sedgwick," took me to the edge like it did Edie... Luckily I didn't jump. 

During those tumultuous Boogie Nights 70's my life was a series of ups and downs.   Keeping up with my social life and dealing with what was going on with my family forced me into smoking pot, snorting Cocaine and doing Quaalude's,  but the price I paid, was eventual burnout. 

Eventually I got clean and sober in 1991 and never touched drugs or alcohol again. In fact I'm more of a health nut now and do everything natural, including being a vegan, doing yoga and leading mostly a quiet life.

Last year I had open heart surgery for a valve repair and had to do a lot of prescription drugs.  My Cardiologist still wants me to consider going on blood pressure medicine but I refuse. I want more natural remedies to stay strong and healthy now.

Recently, I found out about Hemp Oil, made from 100% Hemp extract and bought a bottle to try it out.   It claimed to calm that flight or flight feeling, which is the source of my blood pressure going up under emotional stressThe first time I tried it, I immediately felt calm and content, without the high Cannabis gives you. I have continued to take 4 doses under my tongue everyday and all I can say is... I love it. It works.  

I'm sharing my story, because I know a lot of you need repair and maintenance for a variety of health issues, including inflammation.

 If you are interested in researching Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, please check it out at 

I recommend it 100%


               What is Hemp Oil In 60 seconds. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Have you heard that Maybelline has created a limited edition of their old favorite "Blue” mascara?

Runway models at this year's New York Fashion Week, introduced Maybelline's new blue mascara to the mainstream. Soon after... Red Carpet Stars were seen wearing all shades of blue and purple mascara. 
Maybelline’s famous Great Lash mascara, first appeared in 1971 in several colors including Royal blue. Sadly for the fans who loved it, Maybelline discontinued it in 2014.
Celebrities in the 1980's wore blue eyeliner and mascara, making it even more popular for over 30 years. It was traumatic when it was no longer sold in stores and die hard fans were forced to pay $35 a tube on eBay. Great Lash Royal Blue is available again, but only sold at Walmart until 2018.
As soon as it came out I ordered it online from Walmart for only $4.44.  Can't beat that price, plus shipping, it's still reasonable. If you want to own a little piece of history, order your own Maybelline blue mascara and if you really want to pull out all the stops, order Maybelline Sapphire blue eyeliner for the mere cost of $61.00.  Not kidding, here is the link to see for yourself.

Or Go Navy! for only $5.45

PS:  Hold the mirror down low and put the mascara on while looking downward, you will get the most coverage from the base of the lashes to the tips.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sharrie Williams comments on our fascination with the Kardashians, especially Kim Kardashian and whether she personifies a new Hollywood very different for the old Hollywood.

Kim is the highest paid reality show personality, taking home over over 50 million a year. She’s #47 on Forbes100 highest paid celebrity list. She actually gets paid $500,000 an Instagram post and only promotes products she likes. She can make a brand an overnight success, and turns down tons of offers if it doesn’t have the Kardashian stamp of approval. 

 From Canton North Carolina political analyst and professor Ralph Hamlett continues his analysis of the headlines from Washington including the activities and statements of President Donald Trump and his administration.
From London England financial analyst Gavin Graham looks at the open dispute between President Emmanuel Macron and the armed forces and its implications for NATO and American foreign policy.
From Monaco, Russian analyst and investor James Beadle provides expert analysis on Russian issues and where Russia may be headed.
From Northampton Massachusetts, resident humorologist Izzy Gesell uses humor to separate the ‘fake news’ from the real news and to identify the real politicians from the ones who play them on TV.
From Hollywood, author and commentator Sharrie Williams looks at our fascination with the Kardashians, especially Kim Kardashian and whether she personifies a new Hollywood very different for the old Hollywood.
American Narratives is produced and anchored by Al Emid journalist, broadcaster and author of several books including What You need to Know About Isis
For editorial and press inquiries write to:
To book an interview, write to Suzen Fromstein:

Today’s Guests

Ralph Hamlett
Ralph Hamletton American Narratives
Gavin Graham
Gavin Grahamon American Narratives
James Beadle
James Beadleon American Narratives
Izzy Gesell
Izzy Gesellon American Narratives
Sharrie Williams
Sharrie Williamson American Narratives

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What can readers take away from The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

Why did you write the Maybelline Story

It's been a long process.  My grandmother began telling me the Maybelline story when I was a young girl and the seed was planted.

Nana, Evelyn Williams
After her death I was determined to finish it.  I knew that if I didn’t tell the story it would be lost forever. The Maybelline Story is a thread in the fabric of American history and a big part of vintage Hollywood glamour.  I also wanted my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, the founder of the Maybelline Company to be remembered for his tremendous contribution to the Cosmetic industry as well.  

Growing up with a great uncle who made my life so magical.  It wasn't about the money;   It was about being so close with my cousins and the fun of sharing our excitement as the Maybelline grew into a global giant.  Now as an older woman I hope to give back some of the wisdom and strength I gained ridding this roller coaster experience.

My dad, Nana, Uncle Lyle and Emery Shaver sitting down

My grandmother, Evelyn Williams was married to Tom Lyle's brother Preston, my grandfather.  After Preston's death, at only 37 years of age, she and my 12-year-old father followed Tom Lyle from Chicago to California.  The three of them remained extremely close and loved to talk about the good old days when Maybelline was a little mail order business sold through the classifieds in Movie magazines.  I was so fascinated by their stories as a little girl that all I wanted to do was hear more, as often as possible.  Soon I became my grandmother’s little protege and eventually her little clone.  So yes I was indoctrinated at an early age with the rules of the game, the family dynamics and I did know and appreciate the tremendous contribution Tom Lyle bestowed on women and the world of beauty. 

What advice can you give others who want to follow in your uncle’s shoes? For the underdogs.

Tom Lyle Williams was the biggest underdog of all, of course.  That's what the Maybelline Story is all about.  He started out with nothing more than a good idea, lots of determination and a $500 loan from his brother and turned it into a worldwide brand.  It's all about building your brand and your reputation.  Brands come and go if it's not built on integrity.  Like doing a blog...It takes about three years before you really see results and during that time, you develop discipline and determination, or you give up and never see the results of your labor.  As my great uncle would say... It's easy to be excited and happy when it's new and easy... the true test of success, is keeping the momentum going during the down cycles.  If you believe in your project, you have to keep going even though it might take years.  It took me 20 years to get published and I wanted to give up and burn my manuscript all the time.  When I least expected it, the miracle happened and now the energy I put forth building that momentum is expanding the blog and my voice into the world - Because I never gave up.

What is this book about? Is there anything in this book that you did not publish? Care to share?

The Maybelline story is about a young 19-year-old entrepreneur who rides the ups and downs of life while building a little company called Maybelline. The book is a rags to riches story with an interesting twist in the end you won't forget.

Who are your greatest influences and why?

My father Bill Williams was Tom Lyle's nephew and godson. He grew up at the Villa Valentino in Hollywood where he learned the secrets to his uncle’s great success.  My father was an extremely talented interior designer and builder.  When my home burned down in the 1993 Laguna Beach, California Firestorm I lost everything because I wasn't home.  I wanted to give up and die, but it was my father who held me together and helped me get back on my feet.  I thrived because of his determination to see me overcome my doubts and succeed.  He designed and helped me rebuild my home.  He also helped me research and write my book.  I learned so much from him and now carry that spirit of “Yes I can!” with me to pass onto the next generation.  

What will readers take from this great read?

They will be inspired to believe anything is possible if they  keep going and never give up. 

What was the best advice your uncle or mother gave you about beauty?

My mother believed that beauty was an inside job.  That who you are inside is reflected on your face.  You see beautiful young girls turn into nasty middle-aged women and bitter old ladies.  All the Maybelline in the world can't cover up the truth of who you are inside.  If a woman doesn't grow, change and accept life she will remain a spoiled unattractive child in an aging body.  All women must work on their attitude and mature within to keep their youthful effervescent beauty into old age.   Like the saying goes, Maybe She's born with it... Maybe it's Maybelline.

Describe your best achievement with your family name and without?

My best achievement with the Maybelline name so far, is writing my book and becoming a positive role model for women who want to achieve their goals.  It's not about make-up for me anymore; it's way beyond make-up.   Without the Maybelline name, my biggest achievement is being Mom and Nana and a positive role model for my family I grow into old age.  

Evelyn Williams (Nana), Bill Williams (my dad), Sharrie Williams (me)Tom Lyle Williams (my great uncle) 1965

 favorite childhood memory

Going up to my great uncle's home in Bel Air California with my family and playing with him in the pool.  I remember he was such an unassuming man that he'd actually wear swim trunks pinned at the waist because the elastic had stretched out.  Here was a man who could afford the best and yet was so comfortable with himself around his family; he didn't need to show off.  On the other hand he was so generous that he gave millions to them after the sale of the Maybelline Company in December of 1967.