Wednesday, March 14, 2018

For 100 years, Maybelline has helped Women everywhere to find the power of transformation

...gain confidence to pursue dreams

...develop optimism in the face of doubt inspired to pursue what can be
...and build the strength to make it happen, wherever life’s passion takes her.



To raise awareness in-stores and online, we’ve also taken our most iconic products – Great Lash, Baby Lips and Unstoppable Liner - and re-imagined the packaging so that young women everywhere can purchase their favorite Maybelline New York products, for a cause. These limited edition products will be in mass market retailers nationwide now until supplies last.

Woman can't be truly independent and free without being financially independent.....

When Women gained the power of Financial Freedom they chose the right to be noticed with MAYBELLINE..

In the 1920's the American frontier had been explored, and cities were now the epicenters of discovery. New technology demanded an expanded workforce. Women defied their stay-at-home roles. With the freedom of their own money, they behaved differently. They even started smoking.

Massive advertising campaigns by Lucky Strike Tobacco Company lured women as well as men into smoking with the slogan “It’s toasted!” After all, what could be more pure and aromatic than toasted, golden leaves.

The public fell for it. With product placement in the first self-serve grocery stores—the Piggly Wiggly chain—it was easy to develop a smoking and Maybelline habit overnight.

No one could stop their little purchases, which included beauty-products. The era when only performers and prostitutes wore make-up had passed.

The age of cosmetics had begun with Lash-Brow-Ine in 1915, which became Maybelline in 1916.....

Irene Rich worked for Will Rogers, John Wayne, John Ford, Ward Bond, Gale Gordon, George M. Cohan.

  She was a Maybelline Model in 1925 . 

Financial about knowledge and education! 

Read all about it in my book, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It....

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Maybelline undisputed giant during the Great Depression and still is

Maybelline ad, 1936
As the Great Depression continued through the 1930's Maybelline cornered the market in eye cosmetics. No other cosmetic company enjoyed more confidence and higher regard among the trade and had the envy among competitors as did Maybelline. Tom Lyle’s policy for perfection and his reputation for fairness set him apart and above all others in the field. Even his competitors agreed, there would never be another man like Tom Lyle Williams or a company like Maybelline. His sensitivity allowed him to see how women were affected by his advertising strategies. By 1939, Tom Lyle was at the top of his game. He was the most important executive in the cosmetic business. He never became selfish, egotistical, or self serving and his kindness and spirituality never ceased to exist.  Maybelline became known as "The Little Company that Could!"

1933 Maybelline Ad.

Tom Llye Williams, believed that a woman’s greatest asset was her ability to capture a man’s imagination through her expressive eyes.

Empowered for the first time since the Victorian era, women discovered a passion for imitating stars who exuded sex appeal on the screen.

Maybelline provided an inexpensive eye beautifier that enhanced a woman's sex-appeal while movies mirrored  celluloid forgeries professing  nonconformity with old world standards.  As Movie stars became models for America's changing values, Tom Lyle threw Maybelline in the dime stores in 1933.  As startup-cosmetic-companies failed, or were bought up by Tom Lyle, Maybelline became the undisputed giant in its field, during the Great Depression and still is today, 103 years later.

Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams, fondly remembered by his young nephew, Bob Haines, in the 1940s

Tony Williams, with Bobby and his father,
Ches Haines.

 Bob Haines, remembers a few telling stories about his uncle

The story goes:  Tom Lyle thought the plain mahogany paneling behind his ornate, hand carved mahogany desk, with it's red leather executive chair, looked too plain.  He complained about it to his brother Noel, who took the intuitive and called in a craftsman to cover it with 24K Gold Leaf.  When Tom Lyle returned from California, he walked into his office and was thrilled that his office looked like a showplace.  After all Maybelline colors were red and gold? 

Bob also remembers when The Villa Valentino was taken in eminent domain, for the Hollywood freeway and Tom Lyle bought the lot at the top of Bel Air, to build his steel and glass estate. 

The story goes.  Emery, Tom Lyle's partner,  asked TL to go to Hawaii, while the new Bel Air home was being finished, because it was too stressful on TL to work with contractors.  When he returned, rested and tan, Emery couldn't wait to show him the finished product.  Tom Lyle took one look at the steel beams, between the panes of plate glass, and wrinkled his nose.  "it looks terrible" he said, "I can't  live with it."  Emery was perplexed and didn't know what to do.  Tom Lyle knew exactly what to do and had them 24K Gold plated.

Bob's favorite memory of his uncle took place in Chicago, when he was 15 years old and just got a learners permit to drive a car.  

The story goes:  Tom Lyle pulled up in front of the Haines home in a new cream colored, 1940 Packard Victoria Convertible, while Bob, was sitting on the porch.  He ran down the steps to examine the car, when Tom Lyle, handed him  the key's and said, "why not take it for a spin around the block." Bob's parents, Eva and Ches ran out of the house, yelling "no it's too risky."  But uncle Lyle insisted Bob be allowed to have the thrill of his life.  

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

National Lash Day. Maybelline's "The Falsies Push-Up Drama Mascara" gives me Fancy Lashes

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Forever Maybelline Sweethearts, The George and Helen Williams Huber Love Story

Annette, Noel A. and Helen Williams, 1929.
Like all little girls, Helen Williams grew up reading the Fairy Tale, Sleeping Beauty and dreamed that one day her Prince would come. Like many little girls her first love was her loving father, Noel J Williams, who was Vice President of the Maybelline Company and the most wonderful man in the world to everyone who knew and loved him. She wanted her Prince to have those same qualities and she found them in a young man named George Huber. 

Helen and George married very young. She wanted to be a Nurse and he a fireman. George followed through with his career, becoming a Captain in the Chicago Fire Department , while Helen made a home and gave him 7 children. Annette, Kathy, John, Patrick, Christine, Jullee and James. Eventually they left Chicago bought a ranch in Montecito California, where Helen raised goats and she and George grew old together living the good life. Their young love for each other never wavered and they remain eternal Sweethearts  

Helen George and little John her brother, Noel A. and Jean Williams Wedding, with t in 1949.

Helen and George, (Cook) at her brother, Dick Williams and Ann Flynn's Wedding, in 1955.  

That's a Beautiful Love Story!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A Match Made in Maybelline Heaven. Jean and Noel Williams Love Story

It was a freezing cold February morning in Chicago when the Bride arrived at the church soon to be wed to Maybelline Company's Vice President Noel James Williams son Noel Allen.  Jean Kilroy and Allen met in High School and now 7 years later the wedding of the year was finally taking place in 1949.

    The Bride assisted by her her parents. 

200 guests waited patiently for the Bride to make her appearance as the Groom watched with quiet excitement next to his brother, and Best Man, Dick Williams.

Jean was a stunning Bride and it proved to be worth the wait to see the beautiful gown she chose to wear. 

This was a true love match and Jean and Noel remained married until his death in 1994.

             Noel Allen and Jean on the way to their reception.

The Bride and Groom with their parents and bridesmaids.

Nine months later on November 23, their first child, Charles Allen Williams was born. Chuck aka BB1, to all who knew him. Followed by Nancy Jean and James Noel Williams.

Noel and Jean never wavered in their loyalty to their vow's and Jean remained a widow devoted to her family until her death in 2006.

Now this is a Love Story

Friday, February 16, 2018

Maybelline Company's Vice President becomes Father of the Bride. The Annette and George Corbett Love Story

Annette Louise Williams, father, Noel J Williams, was Vice President of the Maybelline Company, the company his brother Tom Lyle Williams founded in 1915.  When Annette was old enough, she worked as secretary, for her uncle Tom Lyle and her father. Annette, loved her special position at Maybelline, but deep down inside she yearned for her Prince Charming to come whisk her away. 

One day, out of the blue, and much to her surprise, Annette was introduced to a handsome, charming man, wearing a WW ll, Army Air Corps uniform and her heart skipped a beat.  Within a short time she and George Corbett, were engaged and a shortly after her Dream Wedding was planned.  
The Father of the Bride, Noel James Williams, walks his darling daughter down the isle to her betrothed.  The second picture, Annette Williams, at their family home, in Sauganash Illinois,  stands with her brother Noel A. Williams, sister, Helen Williams-Huber and brother, Dick Williams.
George and Annette cut their Wedding cake, while the Father and Mother of the Bride, Noel James and Frances A. Williams, have a moment together, before he makes his toast to the young newlyweds.

An added surprise, The Bride's uncle, Ches Haines, honors the young couple by singing several of their favorite love songs. After the fairy tale Wedding, Annette and George sped off in the Father of the Brides car - for a long, long, romantic honeymoon.   

    And George and Annette lived Happily Ever After!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Maybelline Love Story Week continues with the Bob and Jackie Haines sixty years + romance

There once was a little boy named Robert (Williams) Haines, who was so adored, it seemed nearly impossible, he'd ever find a bride acceptable to his doting family

After two adorable daughters, named, June and Marilyn,  Eva and Ches Haines, rang the bells with delight,  announcing the birth of their baby boy.  Bobby was as close to a cherub as any child ever born, and with his curly brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a sweet disposition,  like no other

Little Bobby, though having two doting sisters, was 
all-boy, growing up loving fast cars, cowboys and pretty girls.  Bobby's parents encouraged his adventurous nature, knowing someday he'd grow up to be a man they'd be proud of.

And yes, Bobby did grow to be a fine young man, devoted to God, Country and Family, wanting nothing more than to someday find the perfect girl, settle down and raise a family.

Bob, with his sister's June and Marilyn.

So it wasn't that unexpected, when he fell in love with a beautiful young girls named Jackie, four years his junior. Bob knew, she was the one!  Jackie was the new girl in school from Arizona, a cowgirl now living in Chicago. 

She was Independent and adventurous, with beautiful blue eyes and a stunning figure.  However, when her family returned to Arizona in her senior year, Bob wanted to follow her, but his parents said absolutely no!

"Not so fast - she's too young, you're making a mistake." his mother Eva, said.  But, he'd been raised  to be his own man and Jackie was the woman he wanted.  He followed his sweet 16 year old girlfriend out West and and stayed until she turned seventeen.

As soon as she graduated from High School in 1953, she and Bob married at the Church in Prescott Arizona, Bob and Jackie were so in love, nothing could stop them.

Jackie and Bob Haines, of the left, followed by Dick and Marilyn Haines-Westhouse, John and June Haines-Gary, Eva Williams-Haines.  Below is David and Jerry Westhouse and June and John's little girl Kathy.

Soon the Jackie was part of the Williams-Haines family and she and Bob had their first son, Steve Haines.  Eventually 5 more handsome sons came along and all grew up to be fine young men, just like their dad.  

Now that's a Love Story.

Jackie lost her beloved Bob a couple years ago but is surrounded by her big family and is loved by all.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Maybelline Family Valentine's Day. The Shirley and Jim Hughes Love Story

So there was this boy, named Jim Hughes, and every time Shirley Hewes was with him she felt butterflies. Just about everything about him, made her smile.

Jim loved Shirley for her sweetness, her smile and the way she believed in his dreams. You see Jim loved the theatre, it was in his blood, he couldn't help it - being born with Movie Star, good looks - the likes of James Dean and Gregory Peck.  All he wanted, was to be recognized for what was inside him, so when he won a scholarship to the Goodman Theatre School in Chicago, Shirley couldn't have been more proud.

Jim quickly rose to the ranks of some of his classmates, who included, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway.  Jim especially loved directing and eventually taught acting at a college, where one of his favorite students was Karen Black.  Now you can see the quality of acting, Jim, possessed. 

Beautiful, sweet, Shirley, with the eyes of an angel, and the spirit of Juliet herself, met her Romeo, in 1945, when she was 18, and he was 20, fresh out of the Service, during WW11.  It just took one look and Shirley knew someday they'd be married. 

And so they were, in 1947. Jim didn't continue his acting career, instead  was welcomed into Shirley's family's business, De Luxe Mascara, (a branch of the Maybelline Company,)  but, he never gave up the same kind of heart and soul, he'd once put into his acting. 
Shirley's parents, Mabel and Chet Hewes, (if you've been following the Maybelline Blog, you know that Mabel is Tom Lyle Williams, sister and Maybelline's namesake) loved their son-in-law and appreciated everything he did to help make De Luxe a successful business.  
Valentines Day would have been Jim's 93rd Birthday.  If he were alive today, he'd want his three girls to know, how proud he is of them, and that they were the greatest joy of his life.
Romeo and Juliet.
Happy Birthday Jim, a true Romeo - who loved his Juliet with all his heart.