Monday, January 16, 2017

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Review: There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to eye makeup.

Take the history of Maybelline. In 2015 the global makeup brand was in the midst of its centennial celebration, complete with multiple star-studded parties But before all the blushes and BB creams, it was about a family company creating cosmetics for the eyes.
Sharrie Williams, an original descendant of the family that started the brand, detailed Maybelline’s rise to popularity and prosperity in her book “The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It."
How well do you know Maybelline? Here are

some fun facts:
■ How it started: In 1915, Mabel Williams burned her eyebrows and lashes. Unsure how long they would take to grow back, she burned a piece of cork, mixed the ashes with petroleum jelly and applied them. The jelly soothed the burn and the ash gave her brows and lashes definition. Her brother, Tom Lyle Williams, noticed how darkening them made her eyes pop, and it gave him an idea for a new kind of makeup.

■ Creating a category: At the turn of the 20th century, eye makeup was mainly worn by silent film stars to highlight their eyes on camera. For most women, options were limited to lipsticks, rouges, creams and powders. With a $500 loan, from his brother Noel J. Williams, Tom Lyle Williams launched a product called Lash-Brow-Ine for “beautifying lashes.” In those early days, it was a cake of black material in a little red box that women applied with a tiny brush. It sold for 25 cents.

■ What’s in a name?: Before Maybelline, there was no name for mascara. The company coined the term in the 1930s as a derivative of the French word mascaro, a product used to darken men’s facial hair.
■ A makeup mainstay is born: In 1971, Maybelline debuted its Great Lash mascara — recognizable for its iconic pink-and-green packaging inspired by fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer’s vibrant hues and prints. It’s been a staple on drugstore shelves and in cosmetics bags ever since. In 2000, a tube was sold every 1.2 seconds, according to brand reports.

■ Advertising king: Quality and affordability aren’t the only reason Maybelline has made its mark. “My great-uncle wanted to be remembered as the king of advertising,” Ms. Williams says.

■ Branching out: By the 1970s, Maybelline was more than just eye makeup. There were lip glosses, blushes and much more. L’Oreal acquired the brand in 1996 and moved it to New York, where it continues to churn out new products and is a regular sponsor at New York Fashion Week.
Sara Bauknecht: or on Twitter and Instagram @SaraB_PG.By Sara Bauknecht / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Monday, January 9, 2017

Manny Gutierrez Is the First Man to Star in a Maybelline Campaign, What would founder TL Williams think about it

The first male face to represent Maybelline New York in 102 years. Read the whole article and view the many glamorous sides of "Beauty Boy," Manny Gutierrez, 5:00 shadow and all. Click link.

The makeup artist stars in Maybelline's "That Boss Life" campaign promoting Big Shot Mascara

 alongside fellow Insta-famous beauty blogger Shayla Mitchell l (aka @makeupshayla) and sweepstakes winner Jackie Flowers.
 "For this specific campaign, Manny's encouraging everyone, no matter their gender, to "lash like a boss." While the text-speak might come off a little cheese for some, the underlying message isn't lost. Man or woman, makeup is for you."
 19 year old Tom Lyle Williams 

100 years ago wearing Maybelline. He and Maybelline were always way ahead of the curve. I imagine he'd be happy that it's finally acceptable for men as well as women to wear his products.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Maybelline's Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher will be forever in our hearts

Debbie and Carrie buried at Forest Lawn in Hollywood

If you haven't seen "Bright Lights" on HBO, watch it. 

Debbie Reynold's with Maybelline founder, Tom Lyle Williams, (on the right,) Arnold Anderson (on the left,) and Sparky the dog.  Photo taken at TL's home in Bel Air California, 1950.

Married in 1955, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, known as the perfect couple.  Both equally famous, they were the couple..... to wanna be.

  expecting their first child....This was the stuff fairy tales were made of. 

 A 1956,  Maybelline ad, appeared in movie magazines, the same time Debbie and Eddie were expecting their first child, Carrie Fisher.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Maybelline's advertising strategy featured Romance while focusing on selling War Bonds during WWll

  When petroleum was rationed during the War, Maybelline was ordered to stop making their products.  Tom Lyle told the Pentagon, "If women can't get their Maybelline, it will affect the moral of the men overseas."   Petroleum vats remained full and Maybelline's products expanded around the world.

read more about Maybelline's marketing and advertising strategy over the last 100 years in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Behind it.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Maybelline Model Rochelle Hudson, 1930's actress who's star faded to soon

  Rochelle Hudson - March 6, 1916 – January 17, 1972.

 Wild Boys of the Road (1933), 

playing Cosette in Les Misérables (1935),

 playing Mary Blair, the older sister of Shirley Temple's character in Curly Top

and for playing Natalie Wood's mother in Rebel Without a Cause (1955).

 Rochelle was the girl-next-door during her heyday, but faded as the times changed and films became more sophisticated. 
Many Maybelline models, are not remembered today, because their stardom faded so soon. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas from Author, Sharrie Williams. Here are some of my favorite vintage Christmas pictures

Tom Lyle Williams was Unk Ile to the family and never failed to remember every single one of his siblings, their children and their children's children on Christmas.  My sisters, brother and I, couldn't wait for our shiny $10.00 bill inside a money-card, that said Merry Christmas, Lots of love from Unk Ile.

Some of my favorite pictures

Sharrie and Donna Williams, 1949

Sharrie and Donna, 1952,

Tom Lyle Williams with Billee, Christmas, 1959.

Donna, Sharrie and Billee Williams, 1959.

Bill Williams with his uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, 1959.

Tom Lyle and Bill Williams, with Billee in the background, 1959

Tom Lyle with googley eye glasses, 1959.

my baby brother Preston 1960

Read about the founding of the Maybelline Company in 1915 to it's sale in 1967 in my book The Maybelline Story. You will meet it's founder and owner, Tom Lyle Williams, and his family.  I think you will enjoy reading about the family behind the name that became an American Institution. 

Vintage Merry Christmas 1943 during WW11

Christmas poker game with Noel J,  Dick,  Neppy, Frances and antie Ida, (Frances sister.) Chicago
Noel J, with two of his four children, 23 year old, Neppy and 11 year old Dick Williams.

Dick Williams, playing with one of his Christmas presents, a toy, WW ll, bomber plane.  Dick was fascinated with speed and was the first kid in school, to have a motorcycle, when he was only 14 years old.  


Christmas 1965, Evelyn Williams, Nana, my dad, Bill, me, and Unk Ile,
 (TL Williams.)

Unk Ile and Nana, 1966.

Sharrie, Bill, Unk Ile, Billee, my mother, Pauline, Donna and Nana, Christmas, 1967.

Bill, Vince Aiken, Charlie Lewis as Santa, my mother, Pauline and Billee, 1967.

Debby Angel, Preston as Santa, and Billee, 1968.

 Christmas, 1969, Lido Isle, Newport Beach, California.

Nana at my dad's home in Palm Springs, California, 1973.

My Baby Georgia, with Santa, 1978.

 Christmas Past with some of my Maybelline Family Cousins

Cousin Ann Louise Williams-Corbett, with Jimmy, Nancy, Chuck and and their father, Noel A. Williams, Christmas 1961.

Noel A. Williams Christmas, 1967.

Chuck Williams BB1, 1967

Chuck and his mother, Jean Williams, Christmas, 1970.

Some of my Maybelline cousins.  Top row, Ann Louise Williams-Corbett, Christine Williams-Huber, Nancy Williams, Chuck Williams, James Williams-Huber, Julee Williams-Huber, Jimmy Williams.  Christmas, Montecito,  California, 1970.

Nancy and Chuck Williams with cousin Ann Louise Williams-Corbett, 1970.