Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Birthday to my Maybelline Cousin, Chuck Williams - BB1 - A Guy with a Passion for Fashion when it comes to Classic Cars

Charles Allen Williams, aka Chuck - BB1..... with two of the cars from his personal collection. Chuck, like his great-uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, carries on the tradition of collecting EYE CATCHING Automobiles.

Chuck's great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams, with his 1934 Packard.  Tom Lyle worked for several years to save enough money to buy his first car in 1917. The Paige, called the most beautiful car in the world, ignited Tom Lyle's passion for custom cars.

1917 Paige Model 6-51 information

100 Years of Maybelline,  1915 - 2015.....

The Maybelline Story Embraces Vintage Fashion, Make up, Hair, Maybelline Ads, Classic Cars, as well as drama, intrigue History and Real Americana. 

Read about Tom Lyle and his love for beautiful automobiles in the Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Frances Williams postponed her Wedding for one year, so her brother in law could launch his litte Maybelline Company in 1915

Eva, Frances, (the Bride,) Tom Lyle,  Noel James, (the Groom, in the shadows,) Bennie and my grandfather, Preston - Chicago, 1917

Try Frances'homemade rich, decedent, dark chocolate extravaganza

(The ad on these video's are not an expression of my Political views, they are placed by YouTube)

3 – 8 oz packages of Bakers German sweet chocolate
3 eggs
1 pint whipping cream
1 ¼ Tbsp. Vanilla
3 Tbsp. Powdered sugar
2 boxes of Social Tea Biscuits
Melt chocolate in double boiler.
Separate eggs, beat yolks with sugar,
Beat egg whites and add-
Add vanilla.
Add ½ pint whipped cream, (save ½ pint for topping.)
Line loaf pan with cookies.
Add layer of chocolate mixture.
Continue layering cookies and chocolate mixture, ending with chocolate.
Store in refrigerator and slice and serve with whipped cream.

 if you want to know about the Bride, who waited a year, for the sake of Maybelline, read The Maybelline Story soon.

Monday, November 16, 2015

L'Oreal Paris "Maybelline Story Movie"

 L'Oreal Paris purchased the Maybelline Company, in 1996 renaming it  Maybelline New York in 2004. 

Please  be aware of some discrepancies.....

Mabel Williams, wasn't trying to win over her boyfriend by having beautiful eyes, that's her father in the picture

Maybelline was named Lash-Brow-Ine in 1915 not 1913

 Tom Lyle was a 19 year old entrepreneur, not a chemist.

Maybelline was bought by L'Oreal Paris in 1996, so for almost 20 years now Maybelline's parent company has been in Paris. What would Tom Lyle, Noel James and Mabel Williams have thought in 1915, if they could have looked in a crystal ball and seen 100 years into the future. With the attacks on Paris last Friday night, this has been quite a  compelling thought. God Bless Paris!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Chica Chica Boom Chic! Excerpt from The Maybelline Story featuring Fox Star, Betty Grable

Betty Grable featured in 20th Century Fox Pictures, Down Argentine Way.

the ad said. Arnold had thoroughly retouched the before and after photos—producing illustration more than photography—to convey a smooth and beautiful complexion. The tiny before shot revealed a pretty girl with pale brows and lashes, while the after showed a lushly made-up young beauty. Tiny print mentioned that Betty Grable was featured in the film Down Argentine Way. This way, Tom Lyle reasoned, even if the movie tanked, the ad would still work since it didn't play up the film’s title. In the ad, Betty was quoted as saying, “It’s easy to have lovely alluring eyes…The magic secret is Maybelline eye make-up.” Emery’s copy gave step by step application instructions, ending with: “Then, the joyful climax…when you form your brows in graceful, classic lines with Maybelline smooth-marking Eyebrow Pencil.”

Tom Lyle wasn't the only one taking a risk on the film; so was Daryl Zanuck. Twentieth Century Fox studios had been counting on Alice Faye’s box office power to help solve their financial woes. Would a goofy, light-hearted romp set in Argentina appeal to Americans in a year when dramatic films like The Philadelphia Story and The Grapes of Wrath would take most of the credits? A few westerns had done well, and Ginger and Fred were still dancing. Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour had starred in the popular Road to Singapore—which had nothing to do with Singapore and was oblivious to Japanese imperialism in the Pacific.

 Fox wanted something fresh, and if they couldn’t cavort in Europe or the Pacific, they’d take their fun and games elsewhere. South America seemed like a pretty safe bet. With that lively Brazilian music, movie-goers could transport themselves to a place where war didn’t exist.
The gamble paid off. In October of 1940, FDR relieved everyone by saying, “I have said this before, and I’ll say it again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.”  The film opened that same month, and the public adored Betty Grable and Carmen Miranda in her outrageous costumes. Revelers everywhere, like Evelyn’s crowd at the Biltmore, learned to samba to tunes like “Bambu Bambu.” The age of Carmen Miranda movies and music had begun. Chica Chica Boom Chic!

At the same time, teens and young women in their twenties identified with Grable’s saucy blond beauty and lively spirit. In droves and busloads they crowded into dime stores to buy Maybelline. Tom Lyle immediately parlayed his new bombshell into another full-page color ad. Alice Faye had worked out her contract differences with Zanuck and signed along with Betty Grable to do Tin Pan Alley, another light-hearted musical, but Alice didn’t want to do business with friends, including Tom Lyle. Arnold got around this by developing an ambiguous photo-illustration that resembled both Alice and Betty. The caption read, “Adorable with Maybelline,” and audiences weren’t sure if the model was Faye or Grable--which was exactly what Tom Lyle wanted.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Vintage Beauty Secret: Ponds Vanishing Cold Cream and Witch Hazel, is older than Maybelline

My Nana in 1978, she was 77 years old.

When Nana was a teenager during WW1, she was already a fan of the miracle cream that kept her skin moisturized while also removing her Maybelline.  As more expensive moisturizing creams became available through the years, Nana continued her nightly routine with Ponds Cold Cream.  In fact she made a science out of it until she perfected it into a facial as good as it gets.

Here's Nana's secret to flawless dewy skin, a trick that kept her looking 20 years younger than her actual age, until the day she died at 77.  

As a girl, I'd sit in her bathroom at night watching her apply ice cold Ponds Cold Cream, which she kept in the refrigerator right next to the tea bags she had ready to depuff her tired eyes. 

"Darling, first you remove all your Maybelline, face makeup and lipstick with Ponds," she'd say, washing her ponds off with a hot  towel, holding it on her face for a minute until it cooled down.  

Next she'd reapply the Ponds, but this time, sitting down in her chair in front of a magnifying mirror where she could study every line on her face.

"Always stroke up, never down darling," she'd say as I followed her example for the next two or three minutes.  She'd stroke her neck 100 times, then do the same thing with her face, using quick strokes from the chin, to the cheeks, around the temples and up to the forehead.  

"It takes practice," she'd say making sure I did it correctly.

"Do it again darling, but this time start at the chin, go around the nose and up to the forehead until your skin is bright pink from the blood coming to the surface."

Once she was satisfied with the results, she'd apply a hot  towel several times until all traces of the Ponds were removed, then wash her face with Neutrogena skin soap.  

Once this labor of love was finished, she'd apply her home made mud pack (Check out the recipe for Nana's Mud, by scrolling down through my blog), apply the tea bags to her eyes (also found in past blogs), lay on her hydroculators (this too, just scroll down) and relax listening to classical music for the next half hour. 

When she washed off the Ponds, or the mud pack, she'd soak a cotton ball with Witch hazel, wipe it over her face and neck as an astringent, than apply eye cream, face cream and hand lotion. She'd top it all off by brushing her hair 100 times, looking radiant when she finally went to bed. 

To this day I still practice most of Nana's beauty tricks and I must say my skin looks pretty good for my age.  Give it a try once a week or more if you have time and experience a facial as good as any professional could give you.

Ponds Vanishing Cold Cream ad in 1917

Original Maybeline in the red box with little  brush 1917

Read more about Nana's obsession to perfection, read about her in my book, The Maybelline Story.  Purchase a signed copy from my website today!  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tom Mix a legend in his own time...The highest paid Star at Fox... until Talkies made his' future uncertain.

Tom Mix did his own stunts long before there were stuntmen and doubles handling the dangerous stuff. His silents for Fox were big box office and kept that studio solvent.

One of the top box office stars of the 1920s ...

Tom Mix has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  In 1958, he was inducted into the Western Performers Hall of Fame at the The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And at the 1987 Golden Boot program, Mix was the recipient of their In Memorial Award.

Tom Mix was a genuine Hollywood legend and his lavish lifestyle reflected that status, as his salary at Fox reached $17,500.00 ..... PER WEEK.

Tom Mix, loved fast automobiles, and drove them with accelerator to the floorboard.  Over the years, the ownership of the Mix death car has changed several times. In August, 2009, it was sold at a Bonhams auction 


After all these years, the iconic star’s personal toy, the 1937 Cord 812, will now be out in the open again, at the Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance in 2012. 

When my grandfather, Preston Williams, met Tom Mix in Hollywood, in 1927, he called his brother Tom Lyle and told him he had to get to California and see Mix's car collection.  Tom Lyle and Emery not only took Preston's advice, they eventually moved to California, bought Rudolph Valentino's home in Hollywood and like Tom Mix, had this custom, 1940 Packard Victoria, made by Bowman and Schwartz.

Tom Lyle's Packard Victoria today, owned and restored by Bill Snyder in California. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Maybelline's Glamorous Film Goddess Rita Hayworth a favorite GI Pin Up Girl.

In the 1930s, Rita Hayworth (1918-1987) was confined to leads in "B" pictures, but through much of the 1940s she became the undisputed sex goddess of Hollywood films and the hottest star at Columbia Studios.

Whether illuminating the screen with a song and dance or beaming from a magazine photo, Rita Hayworth was an unforgettable sight. Capitalizing on her inherited beauty and talent to become a legendary motion picture star, Hayworth captured the hearts of countless American servicemen during the 1940s. At her peak, she epitomized American beauty,

Every woman in the world wanted the sex appeal love goddess, Rita Hayworth exuded on camera with her bedroom eye's batting from the silver screen.  Every serviceman dreamed of coming home to a doll like the voluptuous Rita Hayworth and Tom Lyle capitalized on her selling power.

During the World War ll in America romance was portrayed in every advertisement from the beauty of Maybelline eyes to the chic sex appeal of Chesterfield cigarettes.  Young love meant morale building and that encouraged the boys fighting for their country to come home soon.

 Rita Hayworth epitomized, youth, energy, romance and hope for bright future, a better future.  She was the seductive siren who called the boy's home with a glint of promise in her beautiful Maybelline eyes.

click here to see Rita singing in her famous 1946 film, Gilda.
a black-and-white film noir directed by Charles Vidor. It stars Glenn Ford and Rita Hayworth in her signature role as the ultimate femme fatale.

Read more about Maybelline and the Hollywood Star System in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind it.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pearl White - a box office sensation in 1914 the year before Maybelline was born

The Perils of Pauline was an enormous box-office success, and made Pearl White a major celebrity;  she was soon earning in those times the astronomical sum of $3,000 a week.

Released in 1914, The Perils of Pauline consisted of twenty episodes that used the heroine-in-jeopardy story line to great success.  It is considered by some to be the most famous suspense serial in cinema history.

In the serials, week after week, Pauline evaded attempts on her life.  She fought pirates, Indians, gypsies, rats, sharks, and her dastardly guardian. 

The unresolved, heroine-in-danger endings left audiences wondering what would happen in the next chapter, and kept them coming back for more.  In the series, White performed many of her own stunts, and became known as the “stunt queen” of the silent film era

She was a daring, athletic, and active star, often placed in risky situations — sent aloft in a runaway balloon, trapped in a burning house, or left hanging from the side of a cliff - thus she was credited with generating the new phrase “cliffhanger.”)

At the same time, a little family living on a modest farm in Morganfield Kentucky,  watched The Perils of Pauline, at the Nickelodeon and had no idea how Hollywood film Stars, like Pearl White, would one day impact their lives. 

Mabel Williams, on the top left, with her mother Anna, seated, her sister Eva Kaye, on the ground, and two elderly aunts, pose for a picture in 1914, on the old
Homestead in Kentucky

For the rest of her life, Mabel, couldn't help but cry every time she listened to  "My Old Kentucky Home."

While The Peril's of Pauline,  remained a box office smash in 1914, and My Old Kentucky Home, continued

 to bring tears, to Southern men and women's eyes - a young boy, named Tom Lyle Williams moved into a boarding house in Chicago with his brother Noel James, and worked for $8.50 a week at Montgomery Ward.  On the side, he sold joke gifts and risque postcards through the classifieds and dreamed of someday having his own mail order business. 

His sister Mabel arrived in Chicago, in 1915, to help with the little catalog business and while there, concocted a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline, to enhance the color of her lashes and brows and help make them grow.  Soon, Lash-Brow-Ine, was born and a year later, it was  renamed Maybelline in Mabel Williams honor.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Two Dudes Review: This is not what might be easily presumed to be a girly-girl reading about "make-up

Phil Ankofski says:

  • Woody’s Culver City, the Toes Beach, Sharrie Williams and our own Bob.

    I would like to start this gorgeous day in Dublin , Ohio by revisiting some times gone bye during the mid 1960’s.
    It was our own Bob of Los Ranchos who introduced us to the name of Sharrie Williams. I do not remember the context in which Bob referred to her, but his comments piqued my interest and I have since discovered much more about this beautiful and talented lady.
    Towards the end of summer in 1964, I myself along with several other new crew members at Woody’s Culver City were learning to serve root beers, salads and how to work the cash register. Sharrie Williams, who was a junior at Culver City HS was suffering heart break because she was disqualified from the Miss Culver City Pageant.(1964)
    The Beach Boys, Rolling Stones and James Brown were appearing in Santa Monica for the TAMI concert.

    Sharrie was now driving her 57 Chevy, so she now had an independent access to her favorite places ; The Culver Theater, the Studio Drive In, Woody’s SmorgasBurger and the Toes Beach. Toes Beach is in Playa del Rey at the very northern end of D & W beach. ( where the La Marina Inn was and the lagoon still is. )

    Sharrie had another year of high school with graduation in June, 1965. So what all this means is ; Sharrie and I were interacting for some time while she was a patron at Woody’s , plus her time at Toes. I had been renting a room in a private home on Fowling ST. which overlooked
    the lagoon and Toes beach. I used to walk there in 10 minutes.

    Now ( 2015 ) , I get to wonder ……. was that really Sharrie who I remember ?

    Sharrie Williams is the Grand Niece of Tom Lyle Williams who was the founder of the Maybelline Co.
    In 2010, Sharrie authored her book ; ” The Maybelline Story “.
    I just purchased my copy from Amazon and have found this story to be FABULOUSLY WRITTEN AND SO ENTERTAINING AND INFORMATIVE.
    ~ Well done Sharrie Williams ! ~
    Yes, I am recommending this book to everyone. You local guys get extra fun because much of the story was written about your own backyard. Last week I enjoyed watching the PBS TV story of Walt Disney.  While reading about Tom Lyle Williams , I can see so many similarities
    between him and Mr. Disney. It is like their DNA is identical.
    I need to give Bob of Los Ranchos a ” shout out ” for putting me on to Sharrie Williams. Thank you Bob.
    Sharrie Williams has several web sites of her own, plus she contributes to others as well. She also has a Facebook site which is a real blast to peruse.

    If anyone was to write a book about Woody’s Smorgas Burger, Sharrie would be the ultimate co author to have as a partner.

    Phil Ankofski
  • Phil Ankofski says:
    Again , I am encouraging everyone here to get a copy of ” The Maybelline Story “. While you are awaiting the delivery of your book, you can check out the Facebook site I was referring to above. A little help for you ………..
    Phil Ankofski
  • Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:
    Whoa! Quite an exalted book review Phillip! (Probably what I might have done for Atlas Shrugged, back in the day!) Maybe drop such a review on Amazon

    I think the context of the original reference about Sharrie was when I ran across, by happenstance, her reference to enjoying CC’s Woody’s! I think you then “admitted” you thought you tried to get her phone number per being the self admitted lecher you were as evidenced by giving her a Sign-up card for a comped Birthday Woody, but alas she filled it out and returned it to another Dude!!!!
    In any event, very nice review!

Bob of the Village of Los Ranchos (NM) says:
  • If truth be told, I’ve become embarrassingly lazy when it comes to reading books! Being surprised by Phil’s exuberance however, I picked up a copy of The Maybelline Story.

     So as the topic does not get lost lest my reading slows down, I’d like to note that after only the first 86 pages last night, you will find this is not what might be easily presumed to be a girly-girl reading about “make-up”. In addition, and despite stereotypes that may come to mind for some, given Sharrie’s ‘cuteness’, this is well written prose that most Guys will enjoy.

    Pardon: I was far from being an English Lit major so am not precise with “terms” in trying to describe it. Sharrie has gathered known and factual family history and ‘filled in’ plausible narrative to make it other than dry facts to create what I’m thinking is known as in the genre of being a historical novel. E.g. taking known facts and fleshing-in what most likely was said by the actual characters. Surely, I stand to be corrected.

    What caught my eye so far and caused me to write this, is the inspirational example that many of today’s ‘downtrodden’ teens might take a page from “Tom Lyle” in getting their act together rather than falling prey to the victimizers who ascribe and forecast one’s never- changing/hopeless condition in life to the harsh world we live in through no fault of our own. While I don’t yet know “how” The Story turns out, it’s been great so far and I Second Phil’s enthusiasm.
  • Bob of LR ,
    It is great to learn that you ordered Sharrie’s book and are enjoying it. I am also glad to see you did a much more detailed review than I did. It is significant that you made note that ” The Maybelline Story ” is not a girly- girl read. I would be thrilled to learn that Ron Howard or Tom Hanks
    picked up the rights for a TV mini series. ( Sharrie would be too ! )
    I’m thinking of a Woody’s type Steak a Bob for dinner. ( using PRIME beef )

     Bob of Los Ranchos says
  • (Psst: finished The Maybelline Story. Indeed, the intrigue continued beyond page 86. Hmm…what would Sharrie’s Great-Uncle and his cabinet bring to our country’s leadership position? )
Beyond page 86: What a roller coaster of lives and living, often turning unexpected corners causing several chuckles along the way. Loved the "self-effacing(?)" line: "....That same year, my grandmother taught me to fall in love with my own reflection. I was five..."  Alas, t'was not a "Hollywood" ending. Great that you gathered yourself all up, as I would imagine it took a lot of "inner stuff" to put The Story together.