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The Maybelline Story centers on the life of Maybelline Cosmetics founder Tom Lyle Williams, during their time in Kentucky, Chicago and Hollywood


The Maybelline family kids, 1934 .


Tom Lyle Williams wanted every woman to be able to afford Maybelline at a sensible price. The Maybelline Story captures the readers imagination while spinning through a century of history.

A fun look at the early days of Maybelline advertising and the people behind the name who either are softened by the years or are made more brittle by strife. The Maybelline story is an honest interpretation, a true story of how a brand has become so deeply integrated into society.

The Maybelline Story pulls off the difficult task of creating distinctive voices of Characters spread across the last century. A moving emotional memoir with a moral lesson to be learned at the end.

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Williams created the first Maybelline mascara using petroleum jelly, coal dust, and ashes of a burnt cork

@VintageNews Thomas Lyle 

 Domagoj Valjak Story taken directly
 from The Maybelline Story
Maybelline, currently known as Maybelline New York, is one of the most famous makeup brands in the world. In recent decades it has been publicly represented by numerous celebrities, including Miranda Kerr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jessica White, Kristin Davis, and Adriana Lima. Maybelline New York is now a subsidiary of the French cosmetics giant L’Oreal, but it was once an independent makeup company. It was founded in 1915 by a young entrepreneur named Thomas Lyle Williams, who created the very first American mascara.

Williams was born in Morganfield, Kentucky, in 1896 and moved to Chicago in the early 1910s. He briefly worked for Montgomery Ward, a company that printed mail-order catalogs and shipped products to customers across the United States, but his dream was to found his own mail-order company. He spent most of his free time trying to invent some new product which would be appealing enough to jump-start his business. He never planned on inventing a new product; the revolutionary idea of a mascara came to him after his sister suffered an accident.

In early 1915, Williams’ sister Mabel burned her eyebrows and eyelashes after her kitchen stove caught fire. After she extinguished the fire, she was very keen on hiding the fact that her eyebrows and eyelashes were nonexistent.

Williams watched her as she applied some of her homemade cosmetics, a dark paste made from petroleum jelly, some coal dust, and ashes left over from a burnt cork. He was surprised to see that Mabel actually succeeded in creating fashionable fake eyebrows and even concealing her scorched eyelashes. His sister inspired him to try and perfect her makeshift paste and sell it to women across the nation.
Thomas Lyle “Tom” Williams, Sr at 18 years old
That same year, Williams founded Maybelline Laboratories, a company that he named in honor of his resourceful sister. His first product was called the “Lash-Brow” and was made from similar ingredients to the ones used by his sister. He managed to sell some of it via mail order, but the product wasn’t very successful, because Williams lacked the knowledge of chemistry required to create a neutral fragrance and to make the paste water-resistant. However, he soon teamed up with a local drug manufacturer who added several chemicals and helped him fix these problems.

1920 ad for Maybelline.
This new and perfected product was called simply “Maybelline” and was advertised as “the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use.” It was essentially a cake eyelash coupled with an eyebrow beautifier. When Williams started selling Maybelline, he didn’t know what to expect and was surprised to see that many women across the country fell in love with the product. By the early 1920s, his company was making astronomical amounts of money and he became known as a clever entrepreneur and a respected businessman.

Ad for Maybelline eyebrow and eyelash darkener with actress Ethel Clayton, on page 116 of the January 1922 Photoplay
In 1929, Maybelline Laboratories introduced a new line of cosmetics that featured eyeshadow and eyebrow pencils. This new line was an instant success and only proved that Williams was a true visionary of makeup cosmetics. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, Maybelline products were promoted by Hollywood divas such as Phyllis Haver, Ethel Clayton, Viola Dana, and Ruth Roland.
Williams enjoyed a life of luxury and success: After World War II, he and his life partner, Emery Shaver, moved into a grandiose mansion in the Hollywood Hills previously owned by the late film star and pop idol
Rudolph Valentino.

Thomas Lyle Williams Sr with his 14-year-old son, Thomas Lyle Williams Jr., in 1926
Maybelline Laboratories continued progressing as their international joint venture. Sadly, Shaver died in 1964, just after Maybelline Ultra Lash became the first internationally mass-produced makeup utility. Although business was booming, the grief-stricken Williams grew increasingly depressed and finally sold the company in 1967, three years after the death of his partner.
Joan Crawford from Modern Screen, January 1946, Maybelline advertisement, photography by Paul Hesse
The company was purchased by Plough Inc., a company from Memphis, Tennessee, which is nowadays known as Schering-Plough. Plough Inc. owned the company until 1990 and then sold it to Wasserstein Perella & Co., a New York-based investment firm whose marketing team invented the advertising slogan “(Maybe she’s born with it.) Maybe it’s Maybelline.” in 1991. The slogan is still used to advertise the brand and is instantly recognizable across the world. In 1996, Wasserstein Perella & Co. sold the company to its present owner, L’Oreal.
Thomas Lyle Williams died in 1976 and was buried next to Shaver at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. Although he sold his company and quietly quit the business of makeup manufacture, he will always be known as the creator of the revolutionary Maybelline mascara.

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Maybelline Family archives. The 1965 911E Porsche was the fastest car on the road

The word got around that there was this fast little unassuming 911, I'd raced many school mates, that thought they had the fastest car in Auto Shop;  You know the motor head types!

The thing I found about these great American Muscle Cars, was that they have tons of power, but lack traction and would spin their tires.  The little Porsche, however, would grab and throw the car like a sling shot, Bing bang Gone!!!.

So my friend John, had a friend, who was actually much older, a lawyer, who was also a armature racer, who had a beautiful Red 1985 911S with all
of the hood scoops and air dams.   He loved to brag about how it was built and that it had a blower etc, and it was quite fast!

He'd taken me for a ride, and was a much more experienced driver than I was.  His little S was fast, but it did not have the force, that threw you back in your seat, and I knew I could spit him out my exhaust.

I said,  "wow! this is an amazing car, I know you don’t think much of my little E, but I would just like to see if I could keep up with your car."

"I'm sure you could," he said,  "well, until the blower kicks in - then I am gone!!!"

"Cool," I said.

"Press," he said,  "I only race this on the track, as the special gas I use is expensive and the wear and tear it puts on my car is brutal."

"Sure," I said, with a straight face.

"So I will tell you what, lets’ make it a challenge, I'll bet you $200.00 that I'll beat you.   If I win you pay me, and if you win, I'll pay you."

"Sounds good," I said, knowing he thought his $200 bucks was a shoe-in.

"Otherwise," he said arrogantly,  "you can just figure, you have a cute little 911E."

My only concern was not the 911E, of course, but more so my ability.  Maybe I was crazy, but  I just couldn't miss the chance to shut his big fat mouth, and a for only  $200.00, it was worth it.   So I shook his hand and set the date, for that Saturday, as my Dad would be out of town that Friday and I'd have one day to practice my shifting skills.

The race was so cool!  We went to my favorite place, The Tram road and marked off a two mile stretch.  My buddy Tom drove with me and my other bud, John drove with my challenger.  I was on the right side and my challanger, was on the left.  John counted down.  With our windows open, he put his right arm up and counted down 5,4,3,2,1, and then threw his arm down. 
We both punched it, 1st gear I was gone, I was ahead by at least 60 feet, 2nd gear his blower kicked in and he zoomed up behind me and edged past me, 3rd gear I caught him at 130+, and started walking away, 4th gear 150 and going, Tom and I were laughing as he waived good buy in the rear view mirror, 5th gear the gauge was pegged and still going.  We past the 2 mile mark, and I took my foot off of the accelerator and eventually pulled off the side of the road, and the S pulled in behind me. We all got out, and John and the Guy walked towards us, John was smiling - as he expected me to win, but the lawyer was shaking his head.
"I can’t’ believe it," he said,  "I want to do it again."
"Well we can," I said,  "But it'll cost you - I can’t do this for free!  You know, the gas, wear and tear and all. 
He got so worked up over the deal, he actually said he wanted to have my car put on the dyno, as it seemed a bit rough,.
"Well,"  I said, "I just wanted to see if I could keep up with you. What do you think of my little E. now?"
"He smiled and gave me the $200.00, and we all went out to eat.
That too was a good day.

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Topics from The Maybelline Story include

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Nickelodeon, Mary Pickford, Sears Roebuck and Co, Popular Mechanics Magazine, The Mayflower Families, Mercy Hospital, Mail Order Catalogues, The Household Guest, Weeghman Park, Balaban and Katz Theatre, Charlie Chaplin, The Little Tramp, World War 1, Cecil B. DeMille, Rudolph Valentino, Boston Opera Company, Jazz-Bo, Erte’, Art Nouveau, Harry Houdini,

 The Lusitania, Lillian Gish, Birth of a Nation, Photoplay magazine, Vaseline, Victorian Era, Marshall Fields and Co., Park-Davis, Mascaro, Police Gazette, Saturday Evening Post, Gibson Girl, Coco Chanel, Powder, Rouge, Wall Street Journal, Lost Generation, Lord and Taylor, The Jazz Age, Louis Armstrong, Al Capone, Flappers, Chicago Institute of Music, Theda Bara,

 Miss America Pageant, Lake Zurich, Scabs, Cleveland, Pinkerton Agents, Mildred Davis, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Cubs Park, Wrigley Field, Mayo Clinic, Charlie Chase, Viola Dana, Lefty Flynn, Beverly Hills Hotel, The Polo Lounge, Tom Mix, Miss Mixit, Will Rogers, Clara Bow, Mildred Davis, Gloria Swanson, Malibu Colony, Wings the film, 

The Jazz Singer, Argentina, gangsters, St Valentines Day Massacre, Herbert Hoover, Academy of Motion Picture Arts, Douglas Fairbanks, Roosevelt Hotel, The Circus (film), Marion Davies, Roaring Twenties, Art Deco, Ponds Cold Cream, Helena Rubenstein, Duke University, Actress Natalie Moorhead, Actress Norma Shearer,

Eastman-Kodak Camera, Tarzan of the Apes, Amos and Andy, “The Little Engine That Could,”  Jimmy Shield, William “Bill” Haines, MGM Studios, Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Clyde Barrow, Bonnie Parker, The New Deal, The San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge,

 Adolf Hitler, Tower Hill Military School, Dundee Illinois, Jean Harlow, Bombshell, National Recovery Act, FDR, The Maybelline Hour, WFNT, Penthouse Serenade,

 Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, Dust Bowl, Biograph Theatre, Biograph Studio, Lady In Red, Joan Crawford, Technicolor Film, 1934 Packard Automobile, The 1934 Worlds Fair, Jake the Barber, William Randolph Hearst,

 Marion Davies, Vogue Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Max Factor, Charles Revlon, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Production Code Administration, (PCA), Hays Code, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, California, Marlene Dietrich actress, Lilly Dache’, Carmen Miranda, Laguna Beach, The Great Ziegfeld, Deanna Durban actress, Judy Garland,

 Biltmore Hotel,  Musso and Franks restaurant, Hedy Lamaar actress, Carole Lombard actress, True Confession Magazine, World War 11, Eleanor Fisher actress, Santa Anita Racetrack,
 Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, Bing Crosby, Seabiscuit,

 Benny Goodman band leader, Alice Faye actress, Alexander’s Ragtime Band, Fox Studio, The Fleishmann Hour, Times Square, Merle Oberon actress, Glenn Miller bandleader, The Wizard of Oz, Gone With The Wind, King Kong, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Eleanor Powell actress, Tommy Dorsey,

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 The American Dream, Norma Christopher, 1947 Tournament of Roses, Carlyle Blackwell Jr. Photography Studio, Hess Photography, Monoplies, McCarthyism, Bel Air Fire, Baldwin Hills Flood, Tungsten, Adlai Stevenson, President Eisenhower, Walkie Talkie Dolls, Dorian Gray, Chinatown in LA, Olvera St in LA, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Rosie the Riveter, James Dean, Bill Haley and the Comets, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry Maybellene the song, Grace Kelly, Prince Rainier 111 of Monaco,

 Marilyn Monroe, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Ben Hur, Camarillo State Mental Hospital, Manic-Depressive disorder, F.W.Woolworth, Patricia Stevens Modeling School, Dream Girl, The Gong Show, The Dating Game, Plough Inc, Schering-Plough,  Martin Luther King Jr, Robert Kennedy, The Vietnam War, Neil Armstrong, Balboa Bay Club Newport Beach CA, Conway Twitty, Arson Fire In Hot Springs AK.

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Rudolph Valentino, Silent Films greatest Latin Lover

just happened to watch this movie on TCM lately and though it really didn't follow Rudolph Valentino's life story, I still enjoyed Anthony Dexter in the role.

I also loved the close up of this Preview Card, with a comment about Valentino's film, the Sheik... having the most thrilling love scenes ever seen on the screen.
Here is Anthony Dexter as the Sheik in the 1951 film.
and here is Rudolph Valentino as the Sheik, in the 1921 film.  There is no comparison in the passion and sexuality Valentino exudes on camera.

Anthony Dexter looked like Valentino at certain angles, especially while dancing the Tango, but his perfect English and diction ruined it for me...  I'm sure the real Valentino spoke with broken English and was a little more rough.  I did however, love the costumes and Valentino style.  
I was thrilled to see this close up of an invitation from Valentino, including the address of the Villa Valentino in Whitley Heights.  The real Villa, however, was actually located at 6776 Wedgewood Place, Whitley Heights.

Valentino was one of the first residents to build a Mediterranean Villa in Whitley Heights. Soon after making the Sheik and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in 1921.

My great uncle Tom Lyle Williams, founder of the Maybelline Company, with his lifetime partner, Emery Shaver.  Tom Lyle bought the Villa after Valentino's death in 1926.
 ASPIRATION, overlooking the pool at the honor of Rudolph Valentino.

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The era of teen marketing was born in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1955


 Although Tom Lyle knew that much of the company's success was due to his own daring eye for advertising combined with Emery and Arnold’s exceptional talents, he also knew that without Rags, Maybelline would simply not have been able to stay constantly at the top of the fast-growing cosmetics market.
      For his efforts, Rags was paid solely on a commission of one and one-quarter percent of gross sales, which had risen from $359,000 at the time of his employment in 1933 to its 1955 level of over $7,000,000 a year. Knowing that this tremendous rise in sales was directly due to Rags relentleess work and devotion to the company, Tom Lyle decided to not only raise Rags' commission to one and one-half percent, but give him three percent of Maybelline’s stock.  To seal the deal, Rags would also be made Executive Vice President in charge of Sales, positioning him as an equal with Tom Lyle and Tom Lyle, Jr. --in other words, as family.
       With Rags securely placed as a jewel in Maybelline’s crown, Tom Lyle could direct his next move on the cosmetics chessboard.  Although he continued to target both the sophisticated, intelligent woman in her 30s and the more mature woman in his world-wide advertisements, as 1955 continued a new brand of female was emerging. This girl differed from both the World War II pin-up girl and Rosie the Riveter
       Thanks to movies like East of Eden staringJames Dean, and Blackboard Jungle, featuring the song “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets, “The Rebel" had become the latest cultural icon. Maybelline sales soared as heavy make-up appeared in every teenage girl's purse. The era of teen marketing was born in Jacksonville, Florida, that year, when young girls jumped out of their seats to dance at an Elvis Presley concert--the first first musical riot on record.

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Maybelline's digital marketing strategy is a far cry from founder Tom Lyle Williams, early advertising


 When my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams founded the Maybelline Company in 1915, he placed 1 1/2 inch ad in the Classified section of movie magazines, like "Photoplay," or the "Police Gazette".  He also had a radio show called the Maybelline Hour, where he did live shows, often with members of the Maybelline family. Eventually he placed full page, glossy print ads in magazines and was the first cosmetic company to place commercials on television.  Today Maybelline New York, uses digital marketing to focus people talking on their own social networks. However, Maybelline still uses Tom Lyle Williams original strategy of promoting beautiful images in his advertisements,  causing people to talk about it with their friends and family.

Tom Lyle Williams genius in the 1920's through the 1960's was contracting Hollywood's biggest Stars to represent Maybelline. He never used his own face or promoted himself, like every other cosmetic mogul in the industry did.  He did this to protect the Maybelline name and his family from public criticism, because he was gay and had a 50 year relationship with his lifetime partner, Emery Shaver. Today Maybelline's Celebrity partnerships to keep the talk going with their customers. 
For example, Maybelline's collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid continues to generate news in fashion media. In addition to being featured in the brand's advertising campaign, Hadid partnered with Maybelline on a makeup collection. The buzzworthy model also devoted her personal Instagram — with 40 million followers  to the new collection bearing her name.
Although Tom Lyle Williams used what ever resources available to him during his lifetime, he never had the opportunity to use the internet or social media in his marketing and advertising campaigns. Today Maybelline New York not only uses Celebrities in their internet and social media marketing and advertising, they also now partner with paid influencers, as well as 
everyday influencers — those friends, family and peers who have large social networks and enjoy sharing their opinions. It ships free product samples to consumers and invites them to share their experiences by posting reviews and product-related content on social platforms.
Just as Maybelline's original founder, Tom Lyle Williams, understood his target markets, Maybelline New York continues to motivate it's customers to spread the word by one on one talking on and offline

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The Maybelline Story - Sharrie Williams (Guest) Bridge City News

Interview with Bridge City News, Canada.  

Maybelline started as a little mail order business in the classified section of Movie magazines. Tom Lyle Williams a 19 year boy with a 10th grade education, was an advertising genius. His great niece, Sharrie Williams tells a bit of his story and the great success he became when his little cosmetic company  took off during the Silent Film Era.  

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I love reading books. Some books are good, some great, but ONLY a couple of them are exceptional like the book "The Maybelline Story". This is really a MUST to read. You will be smitten by this book, it is fabulous! You will be instantly transferred to the last century of Hollywood glamour and beauty, but also you will be witnessing the hard work of the founder of iconic Maybelline - Tom Lyle and his family. When I started to read this book, I forgot about the world around me. I was just reading and reading. I couldn't put the book down. Tom Lyle, founder of Maybelline was a remarkable person, businessman from the very early age.He saw opportunities everywhere. He wasn't afraid of any challenges. He had a driving force and strong belief that hard work would lead to success. And his finely tuned instincts paid off. In the book I learned about "harem secret". What is it? The core business of the Maybelline brand. You will found out, when you will read the book. I like the company philosophy that every woman deserves to look her best. Every marketing guru should "learn" about newspaper headline "Miss Maybelline Stops Traffic", where a coincidence is more than years of planned marketing. This book can easily be valuable marketing textbook. Who is Miss Maybelline? It is Evelyn B. Williams. Independent, strong and confident woman with style, muse of Tom Lyle. WHAT I LEARNED FROM THE BOOK: 1)Never say never 2)Glamour is just civilized sex. 3)Eating canned spaghetti, can be act of patriotism. 4)The most important, that "Feelings have to be hidden and a smile should be your umbrella" by Evelyn Williams aka Miss Maybelline What an exciting family saga, full of hard work, pain, intrigues, disappointments but also joy, glamour and fortune with shocking and unexpected end. I already can see a great movie in the future about it! And Sharrie you are a very talented writer. If you are interested to buy the book, you can do it at: Book is sold out at most bookstores, I had hard time buying it! By Marietta Spiska If you have any questions, inquiries, please contact us at

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Maybelline Kid had Fun, Fun, Fun till Daddy takes the 911 Porsche away.


My Brother,  William Preston Williams lll, last Hurrah with the Porsche 911E, at  Casa Guillermo, in 1976.  Like father, like son!

Preston Williams in the middle, with his best friends, on his 16th Birthday.

Born to be CAR GUYS: Concluded:.
Story by Preston Williams.

Tom was pretty much my best friend, and I trusted his good sense, (well as much as a teenager could judge or have.)  He loved cars and was a good, safe driver, so when he said, "hey Press, I'd love to drive that little Porsche, and take it to the limit, but this time during the day, no hair pin turns," I thought, why not.

It was a Saturday and again Dad was out of town, so I agreed, only if I could drive his, quick little 289.  I knew it would never beat the 911E, but it was a fun car, so after he agreed we went back to the Tram road - but this time all the way to the base station, because he wanted to drive the windy road all the way down to Palm Canyon.

The Porsche was so fast, you could zip through the turns and then fly down the straight ways, and because it had great breaking ability, and the quick speedomatic transmission - shifting was awesome, just a fun car.

Tom drove to the base station (quickly!!) and than headed back down, and again since it was summer in the desert, the Tram was pretty much dead.  

Tom began the trip down the mountain, taking the turns at about 60, shifting through the turns and hitting about 75 through the straight ways, than, down shifting through the turns.  The car handled great!  However, about half way down the mountain, the road turns into big long S turn, and that's where he got up to 3rd gear, cursing about 80 through the long S turns.  

The last three miles straighten out, so he tapped the brake and down shifted into 2nd, than punched it!   unfortunately, there was a little dirt on the road, and  caught a little fishtail.  Tom quickly shifted into 3rd and luckily, it straightened out and we were gone!

120, 130 +, just coming out of that fishtail was  exhilarating, and the speed just laid you back in the seat as he hit 4th at 140, 150 +.  At 5th gear the guage was pegged and just flying, until the last mile, when the motor stalled, but we still had momentum, so kept going.

Tom pumped the brakes and we hit the curve onto Palm Canyon about 70 miles an hour, and she just hugged the turn, as we cruised into the North end gas station about a 1⁄4 mile down the road.

 I said to Tom,  "Dud what’s up? Every time you drive this car it dies?"

This time we had gas and the battery was charged, but we had two problems, the Porsche wouldn't start, and it was stuck in gear.

“What the F—k are we going to do?" I said,  "even if we get it home, my Dad will know that it's broken."

So not able to get it home , I had no choice but to call my Dads friend Carl, who owns a gas station or two, and would know what to do, Talking about biting the bullet!!

"Hello, Carl?, uh, this is Preston, you know Bill's son."

"Ya, ya , sure," he said, " Hey Press what’s up?"

"Carl, I have a problem," I said,  "and Dad's out of town, and I could use some help?"

"Okay, what type of help," he said,

"uh, car help,"  I said,

"Did you run out of gas?"

"Well no,"  I said,  "I, um, took the Porsche out and it won’t start?

"I’m sorry Press," he said in dismay,  "you what?  you took your Dad's car for a ride,"  he laughed,  "okay bud, where are you?  I'll come down and see what I can do.

"OK thank you Carl," I said, finally exhaling.

So I gave him the directions, and hung up.

Tom freaks out saying.  "Man you can not, tell your old man I was driving!!! - Not only will he be pissed at me, he'll call my Dad - and he'll kick my ass, and take my car for a month or more.   This is so not cool!

"Ya think?"  I said,"  I'm gonna get my ass kicked if
my Dad knows you were driving.   I may as well kiss my ass goodbye, well, it was fun while it lasted."

We looked over the car to see if we could figure it out? Tom says it could be vapor locked, being so hot outside, and maybe that locks up the transmission somehow,

"Well that would be cool," I said, "if it all fixes itself."

"Listen Tom," I said,  "I know Carl’s a cool guy, maybe he won't tell my Dad about this."

"When does your Dad get home," Tom said.

"Who knows, he said Monday?

"That's good," Tom said,  "then we have two days, to figure this out."

"yeah, well, these days, he always tells me later, and comes home sooner, hoping to catch me in the act?"  I said.

"Great!!  Were F**k*d."

About that time, a big white pickup truck pulls up. It's Carl,  "Hey boys, out for a joy ride?,"

"Yeah, you know just cruising." I said, laying low.

 "This car?"  Carl says,  "Sure, Cruising," he laughs, as he inspects the car.  "Press, all I can do is have it flatbeded back to the house, and Press you know; I will have to tell your Dad, you boy's will have to face the music for this one!"

"Yes I know.

So Carl had the car brought back to the house, and he said, "Press I would recommend that you tell your Dad first, okay kid."

"Yup, thanks Carl."

"Alright Press. I will wait a week."

I had a lump in my throat the size of a grapefruit, when telling my Father what happened. He was so pissed, especially when the repair would cost $2,500.00, he took my car away for a month, and from that point forward when he went out of town, he'd either lock me out of the house and make me stay with friend, or he'd have the neighbors check in on me all of the time.   He also took the car keys with him, when he'd go - and that summer, he went to Europe for a month, and locked me out of the house.

However, the good news was, Dad, made arrangements for me to stay at my Girlfriend's house, but for a teenager that was more of a blessing then punishment!

I guess the good old times were over and it was time for me to grow up. At least for today.

The Last Hurrah!!