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Maybelline Founder, Tom Lyle Williams, at his Villa Valentino during the 1940s. Originally owned by Rudolph Valentino

Tom Lyle Williams with his nephew Bill Williams at the Villa Valentino

Bad-mitten Court at the Villa Valentino

Lush gardens surrounding the Pool at the Villa Valentino

Excerpt from a letter written by Emery Shaver to his sister Betty from the Villa Valentino, Hollywood, California, dated January 26, 1944

(War time rationing at the Villa)

We have been having a most usual cold spell, but it is not too severe, however, the heat, especially at night, feels very good.  Our garden had been coming along so well, many lovely roses and camellias now, and some azaleas.  Some of our citrus trees are bearing heavily, so we have plenty of oranges, grape-fruit and tangerines.  

Food is scarce and very high.  We just cannot manage to have all our meals at home, so we have to eat out often, however, tonight we are having Lyle's favorite, vegetable soup, a big pot of it, and we will make a meal from that, as there are plenty of vegetable and meat in it - well, maybe I exaggerate a bit - not so much meat.  With gooseberry pie for dessert, it should be a good meal.

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Nov 02, 2012
Their story is clearly spelled out in my book, The Maybelline Story, but in case you've already read the book and wished for more pictures of Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino and the three men who lived there, here are ...

Jul 18, 2011
Tom Lyle's family meant the world to him and visited often at the Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills, (until it was taken for the Hollywood freeway,) than at his new modern glass and steel estate in Bel Air, California.

Jan 14, 2011
Tom Lyle and Emory led a quiet life in the luxury of the Villa Valentino, and didn't flaunt their relationship. In the 1920's and 30's people didn't care much if somebody was gay as long as they kept a false identity in public.

Feb 25, 2011
Valentino's sudden death at 31 from a ruptured ulcer caused worldwide hysteria, several suicides, and riots at his funeral. These same crowds of women haunted the Villa Valentino in Whitley Heights for many years.

Feb 21, 2011
Scroll down and enjoy some of Maybelline's amazing Art Deco advertisements from the 1930's, and further down you will find posts describing Rudolph Valentino's Villa in Whitley Heights after the "Great Lover's" death in ...

Sep 09, 2011
Aspiration at the Villa Valentino, Tom Lyle's home in the Hollywood Hills. I believe Tom Lyle, was a major contributor, paying for the statue to be set in De Longpre Park, in 1930. He bought the Villa, placed a copy of Aspiration ...

Feb 22, 2011
The Villa Valentino was located in the Whitley Heights section of Hollywood at 6776 Wedgwood Place, but was eventually razed to make room for the Hollywood Freeway in 1949. When Tom Lyle bought the Villa he loved it's ...

Nov 21, 2012
After Valentino's untimely death, Tom Lyle and Emery rented than bought the home in Whitley Heights...named it The Villa Valentino and concentrated on Maybelline's Advertising... while brother, Vice President Noel James ...

Feb 23, 2011
Once the Villa Valentino was finished Tom Lyle put a heavy rustic wooden gate and fortress like walls around it, as well as the 100 trees to protect his privacy. Privacy was of utmost importance to him as he worked from the ...

Sep 15, 2011
Maybelline Story brings Romance back to life. Rudolph Valentino was every woman's Romantic Idol, in the 1920's and even more so after his untimely death in 1926. Tom Lyle Williams, bought the Villa Valentino, around ...

Jan 18, 2011
From the Villa Valentino studio in Hollywood came Technicolor airbrushed photos of stars' faces so flattering and popular that movie studio executives flocked to Tom Lyle to promote the movies their stars were appearing in.

Mar 09, 2011
Their story is clearly spelled out in my book, The Maybelline Story, but in case you've already read the book and wished for more pictures of Maybelline West, The Villa Valentino and the three men who lived there, here are ...

Jun 03, 2011
Noel joined the Navy, left Chicago and headed to Southern California where he was stationed in San Diego, close enough to visit his uncle Tom Lyle at the Villa Valentino and Bill of Course. Noel A. at the Villa Valentino with ...

Sep 29, 2011
Villa Valentino, 6776 Wedgewood Place, Whitley Heights, built in 1922, this was the site of the home Valentino shared with Natacha Rambova in upscale Whitley Heights just north of Hollywood. In 1951 the state of California...

Feb 24, 2011
Tom Lyle's sister's Mabel and Eva with their husbands, Chet and Ches, on the veranda of Rudolph Valentino's Villa in the Hollywood Hills, August, 1937 -. Here's the earliest photograph I have of a Lady in Black (click,) ...

Dec 19, 2011
Chet and Mabel flew to California with Ches and Eva to visit Tom Lyle at the Villa Valentino in 1938. It was a pleasure trip, with some very important business to discuss. "What to do about an IRS suit, looming over the ...

Jan 25, 2011
Tom Lyle's nephew Bill Williams spent his childhood at his uncle's Villa Valentino and developed a passion for beautiful convertibles. Out of all the classic cars Bill collected and sold during his life, his favorite was his 1977 first ...

Oct 21, 2011
Tom Lyle opened an antique store in Beverly Hills, for Emery, where he could meet celebrities, outside the Villa Valentino. Tom Lyle, preferred a secluded life inside the Villa. Haines and Shields had a hand in decorating The ...

Oct 23, 2011
The nostalgic features reminded him of his childhood in the 1930's, growing up surrounded by his uncle's beautiful custom-designed, Packard's. Tom Lyle's 1939 Packard 120 Convertible Victoria, at the Villa Valentino, where ...
May 23, 2011
Evelyn Williams, my grandmother, with her brother in law Tom Lyle Williams, her son, (my dad,) Bill Williams and my mother Pauline Mac Donald Williams at the Villa Valentino in Hollywood Hills, 1942.

Jan 28, 2011
Maybelline Heiress says "let them eat cake," while filming at her fathers estate. The Villa Valentino, Hollywood Hills, 1945. Rudolph Valentino's Statue, Aspiration symbolized aspiring to the stars and never giving up on your ...

Oct 12, 2012
At The Villa Valentino, Eva, June Tom Lyle and Marilyn... in the pool ...... Villa Valentino (6); car guys (8); card mounted products history (1); CARE (1); Carl Perkins (1); Carl Wilson (1); CARLYLE BLACKWELL JR. (4); Carmen ...

Dec 23, 2010
Tom Lyle Williams with Sallee Allen, Emery Shaver, his niece Annette Louise Williams (Corbet) (his brother Noel and Frances Williams second child) and Arnold Anderson in front of the Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills, ...

Dec 16, 2010
Tom Lyle bought Evelyn a little Californi

Mar 11, 2011
He enjoyed his time with his nephew, swimming in The Villa Valentino's Olympic-size pool, playing badminton, dropping dimes in the slot machine in the game room - decorated like the Hawaiian Islands -or listening to Bing ...

Jan 14, 2013
My father's mother, Evelyn Williams, Tom Lyle Williams, my father Bill Williams with his girlfriend, (my mother,) Pauline Mac Donald at Tom Lyle's Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills 1941. Sparkie the dog is in the float.

Nov 14, 2011
Tom Lyle and Emery ran the advertising division of the Maybelline Company, at the Villa Valentino in the Hollywood Hills. When the Villa was torn down to make room for the Hollywood freeway, in 1949, they moved to a... Click here, to see Sharrie's interview, discussing her father Bill Williams, and his uncle Tom Lyle Williams, at the Villa Valentino. Bill Williams 1977, Series 1, Clenet, will be shown at The Santa West Los Angeles on Kelton Ave., so they would be near him at the Villa Valentino and he could help r

Jul 01, 2011
Tom Lyle bought a 1940 Packard while at The Villa Valentino in Hollywood in 1940. Tom Lyle with is first little niece, Noel and Frances' first grandchild, Annette Huber, born in 1940. . Uncle Ches Haines, 1940, (Tom Lyle's ...

May 24, 2011
Tom Lyle Williams with Mabel, Chet, Ches and Eva at The Villa Valentino - Hollywood, 1938. Catalina California 1938 - left to right, My father Bill, great uncleTom Lyle, my Grandmother Evelyn and my auntie Eva, auntie Mabel...

Sep 14, 2011
Besides having the statue ASPIRATION, at the Villa Valentino and in Bel Air, representing Rudolph Valentino, and his great success in Hollywood, Tom Lyle, believed in the principals outlined in this brochure, sponsored by...

Oct 24, 2011
Bob also remembers when The Villa Valentino was taken in eminent domain, for the Hollywood freeway and Tom Lyle bought the lot at the top of Bel Air, to build his steel and glass estate. The story goes. Emery told Tom Lyle ...

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Maybelline Story Author, Sharrie Williams featured in new book, Girl Behind The Fence, out April 6th. for more information


         Laguna Beach, October 27, 1993. 

As fierce wildfires fueled by 70 mph Santa Ana winds swept through the Laguna Canyon and hurtled towards their neighborhoods, people found themselves literally racing to escape the 200-feet-high flames. When it was over, the fire had claimed 366 homes. 

Excerpt from my, 1993, Diary, unedited. Post - Oct 27.

I laid there, in my boiling hot room, and sorted out my day. The first thing I had to do was call Barbara - my neighbor across the street - and see if she put the copy of my William Morris book contract, in my mailbox... so I could take it to school, and go over it.  My Attorney had faxed it to her husband Mark's office and he was nice enough to bring it home for me.

I knew it was going to be a difficult day, because of the heat, and my back was still killing me.  My face too, was dry, itchy and pealing, because I'd just had another deep face peal, and  couldn't wear make-up again today. I wished I could stay home and hide, but I had to get the contract figured out and faxed back to David by the end of the day.  This time, I was determined... nothing would stand in the way, of me writing my book.

Before Georgia left the house for school, she turned on the T.V., and I heard the reporter say, Orange County was on fire.  I'd heard this before, but was never alarmed.....I figured we were safe here Laguna, tucked away from the rest of the county in a Lagoon..... but when I got up, and looked out the window, I was stunned by the amount of smoke in the air and how the sun looked like it had turned to blood.

Than I noticed Mark and Barbara's roofer's, working at 7:00 a.m., and worried about the hot tar blowing in my windows. I knew I couldn't stay in the house with the windows shut all day.  The heat would kill me.

The Santa Ana winds were out of control, blowing 90 miles an hour, or so it seemed, by the look of the palm trees swaying in the wind. I forced myself to get dressed, and get out of the town as soon as possible until it blew over.

Before I left, I called Barbara and told her the roofer's had an actual fire going on her roof, but figured they must know what they were doing, so didn't worry too much about it.  We talked about the brand new Black Cherokee Jeep, she'd just gotten, and I remarked on how spoiled she was, having a rich husband, who buys her anything she wants.

"Oh, I know," she agreed, "isn't it terrible, how spoiled we both are," she laughed, throwing it right back to me.

"Well, I suppose you're right," I said, "I'm very lucky too, after all I  get to spend the day doing aerobics, Yoga and Tie Chi, than study my contract while eating lunch."

We both laughed, knowing that few people had a lifestyle as comfortable and as fun as ours.

"What do you think about the fires," I asked her, needing some reassurance before I headed out of town.

"I'm worried, of course," she confessed, "but it looks like they're pretty far North, don't you think?," she said.

"You're right," I said, "but doesn't it look like the end of the world? I've just got to get out of here."

"I'm so sorry," she said, "about the roof.  They were supposed to be done a week ago, but you know contractors, you can't depend of them."

"It's okay," I said, "I need to get to school anyway.  I've missed the last two days of exercise classes, because my back went out."

"Well, good luck with the book contract," she said, "I'm excited for you.  I know the project is going to be great, how can it miss, the story is phenomenal"

"Thanks Barb," I said, "and thank Mark for bringing the fax home."

I got off the phone and called David next to tell him everything was on schedule and that I'd call him in the afternoon when I got home. Than I threw on some old cotton shorts, a crummy t-shirt without shoulder pads, and some tennis shoes. The house looked neat, and clean.  Everything was in order.  My manuscript, 
family pictures, and letters, all filed in boxes and stored under my desk next to the door. I walked out the front door and down the old red brick steps to my car, than hesitated for one second, wondering if I should bring the pictures with me to decide which one's would be best for the book. Than thought, "no, leave them, they're safer in the house and I wouldn't want to take any chances of losing them."

I pulled the car out of the garage, locked it tightly with the new pad lock I just bought and backed it out of the driveway.  Before I drove off down the hill, I looked back to admire the new paint job, and landscaping.  It was just darling and I was proud I'd restored it to it's rightful position in the neighborhood, after years of neglect during my long divorce. I dreamed about the day I could finally build a second story on it and have a perfect view.

As I drove through Laguna Canyon, at 11:15 a.m., I noticed police cars, than saw the police putting yellow cones in the highway, to stop traffic from coming into town, it concerned me, but not enough to turn around and go home.   

How strange, I thought, as I sped past them. I looked in my rear view mirror and vowed not to worry, I'll be home at 5:30, I said to myself, and everything will be fine.

While I got on on the 405 freeway, heading South.....
Georgia was dressing for P.E. and going out to play soft ball on the field, when she looked up at the sky towards our house, and noticed it was blue and purple, with scarlet clouds... too eerie to be beautiful, and yet amazingly hypnotic, she thought. The other kids were singing, "it's the end of the world as we know it"... even though, at that point they really didn't know a thing.  There was a scary tension in the air, but the P.E. coach kept everyone playing outside, in the horrible heat.

By lunch, it was clear there was a problem and out in the distance Georgia, could see a cloud of black smoke slowly getting bigger and bigger, right over the town. Reports of a fire in Emerald Bay, a few miles North, began to filter across the campus, and though nothing was confirmed until she got to her 5th period class..... she knew it wasn't good.

Finally the word came that Laguna was on fire......but not to panic.

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The Use of Makeup in The Film Industry

Makeup plays a vital role in the film industry and allows actors and actresses to be transformed into completely different people, animals, and monsters. It allows films to become much more realistic and it has a range of uses in many movies. Here are some of the best uses of makeup within the film industry.         

Makeup, Make-Up Artist, Brush

The Fly

This movie actually won an award for the artist and his team for their work using makeup to transform the main character into a human-fly hybrid. Even though this film was before the days of CGI, makeup managed to create this spectacular movie and its effects. Whilst the makeup used in this film is not there to look pretty, it shows us just how makeup can transform a character and make us believe a storyline. The creators of this look started from the final cut and worked backward to make Brundle slowly transform into the character under the audiences watching eyes.


In this movie, Dustin Hoffman plays a regular old joe who can’t find a job. As he is getting frustrated tirelessly searching for one, he decides to dress up as a woman. This film uses makeup to totally transform his character and the effects are extremely realistic. The makeup team did an excellent job of portraying Hoffman as a woman. The film explores makeup in everyday life and how it can affect your feelings and confidence, as Hoffman become more noticeable and appreciated when he uses makeup, but he also begins to realize things he hadn’t known about his old self before, which he misses.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

This famous series has been made into both a movie and a television series. Jim Carrey stars in the famous role of Count Olaf and is made to look quite evil with the use of makeup. Carrey is almost unrecognizable in this role and makeup changed him into an evil and sinister old man. Makeup was used as a great tool to captivate the audience and truly have them believe his wicked ways. Daniel Handler is the brains behind Lemony Snicket, with a range of books under this persona.

The Lord of The Rings

These three movies are known to many as the greatest fantasy trilogy of all time. First starting as a novel, the LOTR books quickly became popular and the first movie was released. The special effects in the movies are unreal, as are the efforts in makeup. Everything from the orc’s faces to the hobbit’s feet was made better by the incredible makeup skills and time that went into them. Makeup was also used to make the elves seem like magical creatures, ensuring their faces would glow in each and every scene. Makeup was used throughout this trilogy to bring even more depth to the story.

Makeup is not just used to make us look good, often, it is used as an art form. In all of these movies, makeup is used to captivate an audience and make the film more believable.

Sharrie Williams, new book, "MAYBELLINE: OUT OF THE ASHES" coming soon.

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Maybelline Story Review: There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to eye makeup.

Take the history of Maybelline. In 2015 the global makeup brand was in the midst of its centennial celebration, complete with multiple star-studded parties.  But before all the blushes and BB creams, it was about a family company creating cosmetics for the eyes.
Sharrie Williams, an original descendant of the family that started the brand, detailed Maybelline’s rise to popularity and prosperity in her book “The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It."
How well do you know Maybelline? Here are

some fun facts:

■ How it started: In 1915, Mabel Williams burned her eyebrows and lashes. Unsure how long they would take to grow back, she burned a piece of cork, mixed the ashes with petroleum jelly and applied them. The jelly soothed the burn and the ash gave her brows and lashes definition. Her brother, Tom Lyle Williams, noticed how darkening them made her eyes pop, and it gave him an idea for a new kind of makeup.

■ Creating a category: At the turn of the 20th century, eye makeup was mainly worn by silent film stars to highlight their eyes on camera. For most women, options were limited to lipsticks, rouges, creams and powders. With a $500 loan, from his brother Noel J. Williams, Tom Lyle Williams launched a product called Lash-Brow-Ine for “beautifying lashes.” In those early days, it was a cake of black material in a little red box that women applied with a tiny brush. It sold for 25 cents.

■ What’s in a name?: Before Maybelline, there was no name for mascara. The company coined the term in the 1930s as a derivative of the French word mascaro, a product     used to  darken men’s facial hair. 

■ A makeup mainstay is born: In 1971, Maybelline debuted its Great Lash mascara — recognizable for its iconic pink-and-green packaging inspired by fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer’s vibrant hues and prints. It’s been a staple on drugstore shelves and in cosmetics bags ever since. In 2000, a tube was sold every 1.2 seconds, according to brand reports.

■ Advertising king: Quality and affordability aren’t the only reason Maybelline has made its mark. “My great-uncle wanted to be remembered as the king of advertising,” Ms. Williams says.

■ Branching out: By the 1970s, Maybelline was more than just eye makeup. There were lip glosses, blushes and much more. L’Oreal acquired the brand in 1996 and moved it to New York, where it continues to churn out new products and is a regular sponsor at New York Fashion Week.
Sara Bauknecht: or on Twitter and Instagram @SaraB_PG.By Sara Bauknecht / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette