Friday, September 17, 2010

Keeping it real on the inside.

I loved growing up in the Maybelline family, although there was a high price to pay.

My grandmother, (Nana,) Evelyn and me, (at 18,) with my father, Bill Williams and my great uncle, Tom Lyle Williams. 1965.

It was important to always look perfect or risk criticism from my perfectionist grandmother, Nana. Some people said I was conceited and aloof, however if they got to know me, they realized I was just a nice girl from a tight knit family.  After marriage and a child, I realized my inside didn't match my outside so went into therapy. Getting to know my real self was a lovely surprise and opened me up to a wonderful new life. Today I sincerely try to be authentic, not rely on my looks for approval, yet still appreciate my Maybelline legacy.

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