Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A letter to Tristan

Me and my dad, Bill Williams,in 1991, with my daughter Georgia and my sister Donna

 Dear Tristan,

After working on this book since you were a little girl, it’s finally finished.  Do you remember me telling you and all of Georgia’s little girlfriends, “I’m still working on the book.”?  I’m sure you all got pretty bored and rolled your eyes behind my back, but I never stopped believing in myself or my dream of having a published book.  When you and the girls had slumber parties at our house, I’d have to move my research into my room to make it nice for everyone.  Then the five of you, Georgia, Angie, Sarah, and Brie went to High School, College, got married, some of you had babies and bought beautiful houses and I’d still see you and say “I’m still working on the book.”  How silly you all must have thought I was, getting old and still holding onto a dusty old dream.  But now, I’m so happy and proud to finally hand all you darling girls a copy of the Maybelline Story.  Yes, I’m pretty old now and not as excited over celebrity as I might have been in my 30s and 40s, but the feeling of accomplishment is intoxicating and all I can say to all of you precious young ladies, is “the best is yet to come, and never ever give up on yourself and what is important to you. And never lose your inner-voice.”   I love and appreciate all you girls, who as children inspired me to keep going and now you can see me as a roll model who believes you’re never too old to feel young.  


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