Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evelyn Boecher Williams - What a Woman.


My dad Bill, my grandmother Nana, my great uncle Tom Lyle and Emery, Chicago 1934.

The opening quote of The Maybelline Story“A woman’s most powerful possession is a man’s imagination.”— holds a great deal of truth, and according to my grandmother, Nana, a woman has the power to create an image of herself that reflects in her mans imagination.  Nana said "a woman can inspire or deplete her mans spirit by the image she projects to  the world."  Men are naturally inspired by beauty of any kind, a beautiful car, a beautiful home, and a beautiful woman. "So Sharrie," she said, "create an image of yourself that will empower yourself as well as your man, in other words, "be his muse darling, a source of inspiration, a guiding genius.   My Grandmother, aka, Miss Maybelline was a woman ahead of her time, a torch bearer for her generation.  She wanted to pass that torch onto me, and expected me to carry on her legacy.  Nana was not only captivatingly beautiful, she was brilliant, took risks and went after what she wanted.  My Great Uncle Tom Lyle created many Maybelline ads for the woman she represented: a bold, sophisticated fashion diva with a mind of her own.  Meet Nana for yourself when you read The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty behind it. 

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