Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is Beauty, in the 21 century.

Sharrie with her daughter Georgia.
 I remember when wearing a lot of make-up, designer clothes and driving expensive cars was a symbol of wealth, class and beauty.  Now, none of that works for me.  Today, being healthy, fit, emotionally stable and understated is real wealth.  Excess is over, thank goodness, and less is more, as they say.  Being natural and feeling good about myself is the real deal in the 21st century.  My grandmother Nana, used to say,
 "Darling, in my generation we had more sexuality in our little finger than girls today."  I didn't know what she was talking about, but now I get it. I don't have to be over the top to be attractive, I just have to be comfortable in my own skin.  That's sexy as well as classy.  Ask any guy, they'll tell you.  "Maybe she's born with it!"  (Maybe it's her natural spirit.)

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