Monday, October 4, 2010

A second book?

Whether we are born rich or poor, we all have a God-given voice that needs expression. Writing "The Maybelline Story" was a way of expressing that voice.  I was part of a family that looked fabulous but couldn't express their real feelings.  This set me apart from people and I became nothing more than a beautiful lonely mannequin.  After a lifetime of accepting stuff and calling it  love, I needed more.  My grandmother's tragic death in 1978, unleashed a scream buried deep within my belly and I turned to "intensive journaling" to find my truth.   You're as sick as your secrets someone said, and they told me that true happiness was being  open and honest with myself and connecting with others. If the "Maybelline Story" is received well, I plan to write a second book that will help others discover their inner voice, find buried dreams and create fulfillment in there lives. 
Picture includes, Pauline, (my mother,) me, Nana, (my father,) Bill and (my brother) Preston and (sister )Billee in 1966 at LAX after returning from Chicago.  Read all about my visit with the Maybelline family in my book.

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