Monday, November 8, 2010

Santa Barbara Book Signing.

Here I am at the Santa Barbara Barnes and Noble for my second book signing.  They sold out of books in two hours and the manager said it was the most successful book signing they'd ever had. 

My cousin, Charles Allen Williams, aka, Chuck  (he's in the book), arranged for me to do a half hour talk radio show with him the day before the book signing on a local Santa Barbara station owned by the Santa Barbara News Press called KZSB-AM,  hosted by Baron Ron Herron. The News Press also wrote a beautiful review of the Maybelline Story in their Sunday paper the week before the signing. 

Chuck also gave me a reception at his favorite restaurant in Montecito called Cafe Del Sol and it was sky's the limit for 16 invited guests. My heart almost burst with pride when Chuck toasted the launching of my book and wished me great success, as several members of the Maybelline family lifted their glasses in agreement. 

I leave for Chicago Nov 9th to tape two TV shows and lunch with Jenniffer Weigel, author of I'm Spiritual Dammit and Stay Tuned, before heading home Nov 10th.  I will post the Santa Barbara News Press article and radio show as soon as possible for you all to enjoy. 

Let's make Chuck's wish come true and send The Maybelline Story to the Moon. Buy it now and help support the little kids in Mali, Africa so they have a chance to find their voice and express their talent through the arts. 

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