Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maybelline King was never to proud to say his prayers with his nephew Bill.

Tom Lyle, Bill and his mother Evelyn in front of  the little house Tom Lyle bought for them in West Los Angeles in 1938.

      Tom Lyle bought Evelyn a little California Bungalow in West Los Angeles on Kelton Ave., so they would be near him at the Villa Valentino and he could help raise 14 year old Bill.  After so many hard years, Evelyn finally had a real home of her own, and Bill lived in a real neighborhood with boys his own age.  Tom Lyle gave his sister in law a nice allowance and told her she didn't have to work,  "just take care of Bill and relax," he said according to my grandmother.

      Bill loved being at the Villa Valentino with his Unk Ile, as he called him, swimming in his Olympic sized pool overlooking Los Angeles, playing with the slot machines in the game room, decorated to look like the Hawaiian Islands, or go out to dinner in Hollywood, "movie star watching."  Tom Lyle hoped Bill might forget the pain of his childhood and enjoy what was left.

       Unk Ile  taught Bill right from wrong and before going to sleep in a twin bed next to his nephew, in the guest room, he insisted they get down on their knees and say their prayers, always reminding him to bless his aunts, uncles and cousins in Chicago.  

       Bill felt loved and secure, and when Tom Lyle said "good-night Bug, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite.” before turning off the light he knew everything was going to be alright. 

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