Friday, December 24, 2010

Maybelline's Tom Lyle Williams, Christmas 1959.

Bill Williams With his uncle Tom Lyle Williams Christmas 1959.

Unk ILe looked like a million bucks as he stepped out of his beautiful white Cadillac convertible with red leather seats and whitewall tires that Christmas in 1959.  I remember Nana and I waiting with baited breath for him to pull up and park in front of our house at exactly 5:00 

          There was a plenty of laughter and hugs as he
 handed them all the goodies he'd brought for us. 
          Gifts from movie stars, magazine executives, studio executives and advertising executives.

      This was exciting for sure, but not as exciting as when
 he pulled out our Christmas envelopes with a crisp $10.00
 bill in it for us kids. I   sang Bali High  from  South Pacific
and danced a hula because he loved the Hawaiian Islands.
 My ten year old sister Donna dressed up like Marilyn Monroe with a pink wig, long cigarette holder, long  false eyelashes and did a song and dance routine to Bobby Darin'sMack The Knife while Unk Ile cracked up laughing and slapping his knee.  When the laughter calmed down, my little 4 year old sister Billee got up and did an adorable little dance routine for him while he watched in amazement as Nana
      so proudly beamed with delight.  I will never forget
 that Christmas and will forever miss those
      wonderful old day's when we were all so young and Innocent and the magic was still so bright. 

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