Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Maybelline's founder Tom Lyle's letter to Rags Ragland written at the sale of the company.

Tom Lyle Williams 1n 1916, 20 years old.  The year Lash Brow Ine became Maybelline named for his sister Mabel who with her simple beauty trick inspired him to launch what would become the largest cosmetic company in the world.  

For over 50 years Tom Lyle with the help of his brother Noel, Rags Ragland and his own son Tom Jr as well as many loyal employees catapulted this "Miracle company" as it was known in the cosmetic industry, to what it is today, now owned by L'Oreal of Paris and Maybelline New York. 

I have posted an excerpt from a letter written by Tom Lyle to Rags Ragland in Dec. of 1967 when Maybelline was sold to Plough Inc. explaining why Tom Lyle sold the company and his sadness in not preparing the younger generation of the family to carry on after him.

read more of this letter and the reasons Tom Lyle sold the Maybelline Co. in The Maybelline Story.

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