Monday, January 10, 2011

Maybelline Story author Sharrie Williams recomends Iwata Silver Jet Sprayer.

After I did my KCAL 9 interview Oct 29, 2010, I fell in love with this product.  Watch the video of me at CBS having my make- up applied and check out Iwata Silver Jet Sprayer. I have never looked so flawless and recommend you check it out for yourself.

Watch Sharrie having her face airbrushed with the Iwata Silver Jet Sprayer.

Airbrushed Makeup is in high demand. Widely used by professionals in television and film, airbrush makeup has changed the complexion of traditional makeup application techniques, rapidly expanding from Hollywood to salons and bridal boutiques everywhere. It delivers superior, lightweight and natural-looking results – even under the scrutiny of High Definition. All you see and feel is beautiful skin.

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