Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Maybelline family films the movie Goodbye Norma Jean, at their estate in Palms Springs,

Noel Williams, Tom Lyle Williams nephew at his cousin Bill Williams estate in Palms Springs, 1975 in front of a 1934 Packard.

Author Sharrie Williams, Bill's daughter and Tom Lyle Williams great niece at her fathers estate in Palm Springs 1975.

Bill Williams at his estate in Palms Springs during the filming of the movie Goodbye Norma Jean, 1975

A scene from the film Goodbye Norma Jean, shot at Bill Williams estate, 1975.

Filming the movie, Goodbye Norma Jean at Bill Williams Estate in Palms Springs. Excerpt from Sharrie Williams Diary.

The next morning, old classic cars, brought in on flat bed
trucks arrived at the estate, and the camera crew, producer, director, costume designer, set designer, and the producers wife and mistress. were all on the  set. Dad started freaking out, when he saw all the cables, strung across his manicured lawns, and I kept assuring him that any damage would be taken care of. I had some great old costumes, I'd collected over the years, and we all got our make up and hair done, then dressed for our parts.  We had no speaking parts, we were just background dressing for Norma Jean Bakers Scenes, but we added the feeling of wealth, and status, the director was looking for.  The scenes got a little steamy, with nude bath tub shots, and obvious sexual scenes that made the future Marilyn Monroe, look like a whore, but it didn't bother anyone of us.

Read more about the wild ride after the Maybelline Company sells and the family lives out their fantasies in Sharrie Williams book The Maybelline Story.

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