Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maybelline founder's nephew Bill Williams 1977 Clenet Series 1, will be shown at Desert Classic.

Tom Lyle Williams founder of the Maybelline Company with his 1940 convertible Packard, gold chromed, in front of his Villa Valentino, once owned by the Great Lover Rudolph Valentino.

Tom Lyle's nephew Bill Williams spent his childhood at his uncle's Villa Valentino and developed a passion for beautiful convertibles. Out of all the classic cars Bill collected and sold during his life, his favorite was his 1977 first edition Clenet.  Sharrie and her brother and sisters have now professionally preserved their father's clenet and will show it at the Desert Classic Concourse d'Elegance Feb. 26 in La Quinta, California.  Sharrie and her siblings believe the reason their father loved his Clenet, was because it reminded him of his uncle Lyle's custom made convertible Packard with the gold chrome shown in the above picture.

Bill Williams 1977 Clenet, Series 1.   -   watch as Bills Clenet is taken out of storage and placed on a flatbed - on it's way to be professionally preserved. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ed8DYCpcTRk

Check out the interview with Bill's Daughter, author Sharrie Williams with Steve Kouracos -  "BILL," The Clenet,'s  (license plate is BILL,)  original fabricator, at his shop in Costa Mesa California Dec 19, 2010.


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