Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybelline's, King of Advertising also the king of custom made automobiles.

Top picture, Preston, Evelyn, Tom Lyle and Bill Williams.  Bottom picture Tom Lyle and his son Tom Jr.  Picture to the right, Tom Lyle Williams founder of the Maybelline co.  Pictures taken in Chicago, 1934.

Tom Lyle Willams founder of the Maybelline Co. told me he never wanted to be remembered as the man who invented mascara, he wanted to be remembered as the King of Advertising.  He also was the King of custom designed Packard's .  Read more about his love of beautiful automobiles in The Maybelline Story and also stay tuned this week for Tom Lyle's great nephew Chuck Williams who will be discussing Tom Lyle's automobiles from his 1916 to 1967, while we are at the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction in Scottsdale Arizona (on video. ) See pictures of Tom Lyle's automobiles as well as the up close and personal cars at the auction.  Click on below and see Sharrie Williams at he Arizona Biltmore Resort announcing her cousin Chuck's visit.

video at the Biltmore click here to see Sharrie at the Biltmore

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