Friday, February 11, 2011

Maybelline Story author, Sharrie Williams believes giving back, is the answer to peace.

This is Tama Walley, one of the founders of Instruments 4 Africa.  She has a unique perspective as to why her non profit benefits the children of Mali.  She told author
of The Maybelline Story, Sharrie Williams, that providing programs for the children of Mali to connect with their culture through their own music, dance and the arts,  keeps them grounded and secure from being influenced by negative extremist views, that ultimately end in destruction.  Tama believes that children who connect with the love and passion of their own culture have a strong foundation to focus on positive goals and this gives them a chance to thrive.  Instruments 4 Africa's mission statement is to protect the children of Mali, as well as children all over the world, by helping eliminate poverty mentality through expansion of the mind through creativity.  The money from her charity funds academic scholarships, mentoring and training in the traditional arts of Mali.  The kids are engaged in learning and off the streets.  Watch a video of the kids  participating in traditional African dance and music by clicking on the palm trees to the right  of this page.  A portion of the Maybelline Story goes to Instruments 4 Africa.  
As a member of a family who grew up in America with so much opportunity and choice, Sharrie feels it's her responsibility to give back by helping children connect to their God given voice,  natural talent and creativity and hopes you might feel the same way too!

The Maybelline Story would make a great Valentine's day gift as well as a donation to a worthy charity.

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