Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Geometry of the Heart, Miss Maybelline was in love with both brothers!

Preston and Evelyn in a passionate embrace, 1922, Chicago.

An odd understanding had developed—a virtual trinomial equation with no solution. Preston had no doubt that Evelyn reserved her passion for him alone, and that Tom Lyle was no threat sexually. If Preston understood why, he kept it to himself.  Evelyn adored them both, but accepted the fact that Tom Lyle had no romantic interest in her. Tom Lyle couldn’t stand for her to know the truth. Perhaps Evelyn convinced herself that Tom Lyle refused to move in on his brother’s turf.  Still, his lack of interest was painful to her. Again, she put on her mask and acted perfectly delighted with things as they were.

Tom Lyle and Evelyn sitting on his Packard, 1937, California.

Why was it that Evelyn was crazy over Preston and wound up being taken care of the rest of her life by her brother in law, Tom Lyle?  You will have to read The Maybelline Story and find out for yourself!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYltl0D_zvA  Check out Good Morning Arizona 3-21-11

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