Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maybelline Story Media tour from Hollywood to Manhattan Beach to Desert Classic.

Several events last week kept me running around Southern California at record pace.  Thank you to all who showed up in Hollywood to hear me speak about The Maybelline Story and show Vintage Ads and pictures.  I learned just how much my audience loved nostalgic photographs of old Hollywood and am considering doing a one woman show in the near future.  The romance of vintage Hollywood is a lost art today and one that is sadly missed.

If you love the excitement of West Hollywood, with it's Comedy Store, Whisky A Go Go and Cinerama Dome as, well as coffee houses on every corner filled with interesting people you will love Book Soup.

Set in the midst of all the action, Book Soup offered the perfect venue for my Hollywood debut.  I was thrilled with the diversified group of beautiful people curious to hear  never before told stories from a romantic era in Hollywood that no longer exists.   I think a stunning piece of nostalgic history would be well received today and maybe it's time I take my act on the road and show what it was like when there was still a bit of romantic imagination left in the world. 

The next evening found me sitting in an ultra cozy little book store in Manhattan Beach called Pages a Book Store, surrounded by some of the best books about Hollywood out there today.  The Maybelline Story fit well in a coastal book store because a good portion of the story takes place in beach communities along Southern California's gold coast, including;  San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Santa Monica.  I gave an intimate discussion about the Maybelline Company's birth and rise to glory as well as the aftermath of inheriting overnight millions and the tragedies that ensued.  All in all I came away with a warm feeling of gratitude for surviving it all and now able to share my story with others.

 Here I am at Pages with a couple of readers enjoying some of the wonderful pictures in the Maybelline Story.

Book Soup and Pages was a heartfelt experience but my two day event at the Concourse d'Elegance took the cake!  My siblings and I showed our fathers 1977 Clenet "Series One," at the Desert Classic where Alain Clenet the designer and owner of Clenet Coachworks of Santa Barbara, was present to sign the car while a camera crew taped him being interviewed.  It touched our hearts to hear Alain Clenet tell stories about out father and # 13 out of 250 original first edition Clenet's,  from over 30 years ago.  I was also interviewed and will post the video next month when it is officially ready to be aired.  But for now here are a few pictures of Bill the Clenet at it's debut after being in storage for 5 years.  Bill won second place in the neoclassic category.

Here I am with my sister Donna Williams at the wheel, at the Concourse d'Elegance.

My Sister Billee Williams taking a break while sitting on her daddy's car.

Bill The Clenet going through the Judges Stand with Steve Kouracous at the wheel and Donna in the passenger seat.

Here I am on the left with my brother Preston holding Bills silver cup for second place in the neoclassic category with Billee and Donna.  Now we shoot for first place at the Santa Barbara Concourse Oct 30TH!

Preston Williams, Alain Clenet, Steve Kouracos,  (who fabricated the car 33 years ago and made this spectacular event possible,) and Donna and Sharrie Williams .

Alain Clenet's signature on Bill The Clenet.

Tomorrow I will post some of the action on video we took during the signing of the car by Alain Clenet as well as some more fun pictures of the event.  I ended my 8 day media tour with a book club luncheon in my honor yesterday in Paradise Valley Arizona, at a lovely home where 18 ladies came to hear more inside stores about the book they all seemed to love love love!  Stay tuned this week for more posts and pictures I'm sure will be most interesting as well as fun to see.

Video of Clenet in the winner circle with driver, Steve Kouracos and owner, Donna Williams - click to view

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