Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maybelline's own original Blond Bombshell, Jean Harlow!!

By the 1930's Tom Lyle needed a Super Star who could deliver the blow of a velvet hammer on a glamour-conscience public - a public ready to purchase Maybelline, no questions asked. 
Jean Harlow, 1933
Who better than Hollywood sex goddess Jean Harlow, known for her white satin gowns, ivory skin and platinum blond hair, she created the sparkle Tom Lyle was looking for.  Harlow's glamour had the ability to reachout and grab the attention of everyone in the audience and like Maybelline, she was not unreachable but human with an earthy sense of humor.  Tom Lyle realized Harlow's superb comedic persona and stunning looks made her the original blond bombshell and used her image to explode Maybelline out into the stratospheres.

With Maybelline easily accessible in dime stores by 1933, Tom Lyle used ads like this to illustrate Jean Harlow's heavily made up eyes and entice young women to seek their own movie star glamour.   Now anyone craving that Harlow magic could find it in Maybelline's newly carded wide range  of eye beautifying products - including Eyebrow Pencil, Eye Shadow, Eyelash Tonic Cream and a Special Eyebrow Brush for brushing and training lashes and brows.
There was no stopping the female market in the 1930's known as "The Art Deco Era" from being as appealing as Jean Harlow with her pencil thin eyebrows, irresistible allure and Star Quality Maybelline Eyes.  The average girl could now stop a train with her stunning made up Maybelline Eyes and feel as beautiful as any Hollywood film goddess. 

Click here to see Harlow and those Maybelline Eyes

in Dinner at Eight!!

Beginning of the Art Deco Era for Maybelline

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