Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maybelline now has the Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval.

Good Housekeepings Stamp of Approval guaranteed Maybelline meant trust, purity and perfection, much like
a mother's Love.

By 1938 Maybelline targeted a new market of women, or should I say girls - who had grown up seeing that little red and gold box on their mothers dressing table.  "If Mother uses Maybelline it must be pure and I can trust it," was the thought of the day and with Good Housekeeping's approving it harmless, tear-proof and non-smearing any sweet sixteen could now carry it in her purse with no worry of looking improper or worse, "cheap."  

This might seem silly by today's standards but if you remember in 1917 trying to convince a young girl to darken her eyelashes and brows with Maybelline was near impossible.  Only prostitutes and actresses dare be seen in public with made up eyes, but by the late 1930's with a generation of women now wearing Maybelline and with Good Housekeeping's Stamp of Approval it was a different story.  

Maybelline was the first eye cosmetic product to have the coveted Stamp of Approval from Good Housekeeping and it was a really big deal!  Tom Lyle celebrated the momentous occasion by introducing Maybelline in a beautiful new red and gold metal vanity that couldn't be crushed in a young girls purse. 

What a mastermind Tom Lyle was, always thinking up amazing reasons to inspire women to buy buy buy more Maybelline.  Also notice in this ad that Maybelline was called Maybelline Mascara for the first time, rather than an Eye Beautifier, another Maybelline First!

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