Friday, April 15, 2011

Maybelline's use of color skyrocketed their ads to new heights!

What a difference color can make when it comes to grabbing the eye.

Tom Lyle's "Before and After," Maybelline Ads went from Plain Jane Sweet, to Over the Top "Hollywood," when he added color in the late 1930's.  By the early 1940's he contracted Film Stars - Joan Crawford, Hedy Lemarr, Betty Grable and Merle Oberon as well as many other gorgeous actresses to represent Maybelline and it's new level of penetrating color. I will be posting their faces as well as the bombshell pin-up girls next week, so stay tuned for more fabulous Maybelline advertisements during the War Years and some of Tom Lyle's never before told inside stories. 

Maybelline ads went from half a page black and white, to full-page color, eye-popping extravaganzas, A Maybelline First!

Tom Lyle Williams was more than the man who invented mascara - he was truly the King of Advertising!

Read more about the man and his genius in -

The Maybelline story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind it.

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