Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Miss Maybellines secret for beautiful hair.

         Maybelline's very own Rosie the Riveter: 

Rosie the Riveter was one of the most widely known persona's of the 1940s. With her sleeves rolled up, hair in a kerchief, and a determined set to her jaw and eyes. Rosie had it all: beauty, sex appeal, and attitude. 
The Ad Council, at the government’s request, created Rosie the Riveter to persuade women to go to work and Rosie the Riveter with her can-do attitude become a feminist icon for all American girl's fighting to bring their man home from the War.  Every wife, mother, sister, aunt, cousin, girlfriend and fiance' took on the ambiance of strength and Independence - and no one more than my grandmother Evelyn, or Nana as I called her.  The only difference between Rosie and Nana was Rosie really went to work and Nana went to work on her famous beauty secrets that kept her looking forever young. 

Here she is, Maybelline's very own "Evelyn the Riveter!" Posing for posterity, never wanting to miss a trick, always the first to "keep up."  However I imagine she had just conditioned her hair and wanted to keep it under wraps for a while.  I remember Nana's famous homemade hair conditioners.  One was used to nourish and strengthen the hair with protein and one was used for deep moisturizing. 

Depending on what was needed after a good dye-job, a day in the sun which was rare because of Nana's flawless ivory skin, or just for the fun of it - she'd whip up a concoction that only thebrave of heart might try or someone obsessed with perfection and pleanty of time to experiment. 

Imagine warm Coconut Oil mixed with an egg yoke, whipped up like mayonnaise, poured on top of the head, massaged well into the scalp and bagged up for an hour.  Or even more bazaar, real mayonnaise with an extra hit of vitamin E to really seep deep into the shaft of the hair - again bagged up for an hour.  

And what did she do for an hour?  Well remember the egg white left over - she'd whip it up and paint it on her face of course!  Why waste a good egg white when you can tighten your skin at the same time!

I have tried Nana's conditioners and can say if you have the time, patience and can endure the mess they work big time.  So if any of you try Nana's beauty secret for deep conditioning the hair let me know what you think.  Oh also, use a moisture free shampoo twice after conditioning and maybe a "leave in" conditioner to comb through the hair. 

Humm, I think I have some Coconut oil and and an egg yoke come to think of it.  See you tomorrow for another great post - and don't forget to read my book and learn more about Nana - her obsession with beauty and those "Maybelline Times" of course!

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