Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maybelline cousins gather in Santa Barbara to view the missing file.

Maybelline Cousins gather to view the  missing file of their Grandfather, Noel James Williams Co-Founder and Vice President of the Maybelline Company from 1915-1951.

The Coral Casino - View from the Williams Cabana.

Here I am on the left with my cousins Chuck, Jim and Nancy at the Coral Casino in Montecito sitting in the cabana they've occupied for 40 years.

I arrived in Santa Barbara after doing the Dare to Dream radio show with host Deborah Dachinger in Burbank to meet with my cousins and comb through their grandfathers lost file.  Emotions ran high as part of the Williams clan gathered for the momentous occasion.  The file is tucked safe within Cousin Chucks famous Beach Boy room and tomorrow he will guide us through the bevy of paperwork compiled over 80 years ago during the Great Depression.

More of the Noel James Williams family left to right.  Ann Louise Williams-Corbet-Carneros, Julee Williams-Huber, Christine Williams-Huber-Goodie, Sharrie Williams, Nancy Williams-Fesler.

Cousin Chuck Williams, aka BB1, will do the honors tomorrow and reveal the never before seen information in the missing file to the rest of the family.  Stay tuned for some fun fun fun details from the 1930's.  You will be shocked at the cost of things then and now.  Hold on to your hat!!!

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