Friday, May 6, 2011

Maybelline Story returns to Laguna Beach California.

The Maybelline Story Embraced by Artist's at 484 North Gallery in Laguna Beach. 

Signing the Maybelline Story for Palm Springs artist
Jean Fitch Jones, be sure to check out her beautiful abstract expressionistic art on her website.

Here is an interesting group of people I met at the 484 North Gallery last night during my book signing.  Starting on the left you see a cool Laguna Beach local named Rick Johnston.

Standing next to Rick is Bob Kronquist, the owner of the 484 North Gallery.  Bob was just a boy when he and his family moved to Laguna beach in 1950 so his dad could open the Kronquist Gallery.  In 1973 the Kronquists remodeled their home into the present Gallery and today it is a cooperative gallery where artists contribute time, labor, computer skills, clients lists, food, promotions, music or whatever they can to encourage the growth of the Gallery.  Click on Bob's website and see some of the wonderful drawings and paintings he has collected of flamboyant Hollywood personalities and intriguing timeless nudes.  

Next to Bob is Dolores Del Monte Playboy Playmate Centerfold Miss March 1954, a fascinating lady with a story that should be made into a book and movie. Next to Dolores is Maya Volk of Global Hyperbaric, who specializes in healing, Anti-Aging, Detox etc through Oxygen Therapy. Next to Maya is Cameron Pearce  founder of Ohana Palms Recovery specializing in infusing the Spirit of Tropical Healing with Holistic Treatment Programs. Finally beautiful Melody Owens a featured artist at the 484 North Gallery who has drawn some amazing nudes of Playmate Centerfold Dolores Del Monte.  See below.

 An original drawing of Playmate Dolores Del Monte behind The Maybelline Story, next to Audrey Hepburn and several nudes drawn by artist Melody Owens.  The original painting of Marilyn Monroe's famous pinup girl is a 484 North Gallery prize possession but I guess every picture has its price! .  The Maybelline Story was in good company with the Hollywood greats.

Here is picture of  Playboy's Miss March 1954 Centerfold, Dolores Del Monte with The Maybelline Story.  She certainly fits right in with Hollywood's Glamour Era in the 1950's when Maybelline was first making cutting edge TV commercials.  In fact Dolores Del Monte should have been a Maybelline model, but I hear she gave up a career in the movies for marriage and children.  But who didn't in the 1950's, right? 

French Impressionistic Artist Shirley de Pierre is a featured fine artist at 484 North Gallery were with owner Bob Kronquist.  

 Impressionistic paintings by Shirley de Pierre at the 484 North Gallery.

484 North Gallery has been in the same spot for nearly 40 years and features some of Hollywood's most prized rarely seen pictures of famous faces before they were Super Stars.  In this newspaper from the early 1950s is a shot of Norma Jean Baker before becoming Marilyn Monroe.  I hope you will stop by the Gallery if you are ever in the seaside artist town of Laguna Beach and enjoy the vast variety of  unusual art Bob Kronquist has placed in his laid back Surf City Gallery.  Also pick up a copy of The Maybelline Story while there, why not? It's cover is as beautiful as any black and white Hollywood portrait in the Gallery.

Stay tuned, on Monday I will be posting my radio interview on Voice America as will as more wonderful stories and pictures of those good old Maybelline Days.  And don't forget to purchase an autographed copy of The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind it from this website.  Thanks for continuing to follow the Maybelline Blog. 
 Both nudes of Dolores Del Monte by artist Melody Owens.

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