Monday, May 23, 2011

Maybelline Summer-Daze, 1922 - 2011

As summer approaches I can't help but think of those lazy crazy daze gone by when the Maybelline family got together in Chicago or California and made a few unforgettable memories - Here is a picture gallery of some my favorite summer pictures.

The Beach Boys 2011.

Click these links to hear some of our favorite Summer songs while you enjoy the pictures.
Frank Sinatra, A Summer Wind.
The Beach Boys, California Girls.
Beach Boys Surfin USA

My dad Bill Williams at  Lake Zurich, Chicago, 1925

The Maybelline Cousins in 1934 left to right, Bobby Williams-Haines, Dick Williams, Tommy Williams-Hewes, Marilyn Williams-Haines, Shirley Williams-Hewes, June Williams-Haines, Noel A. Williams, Bill Williams, Annette Williams, Helen Williams, Tom Lyle Williams Jr., Joyce Williams-Hewes in Tom Jr's arms.

Ches Haines with my grandfather Preston Williams on the fender. Lake Zurich, Chicago, 1922
Ches Haines and Preston Williams on Lake Zurich, Chicago, 1922

Tom Lyle Williams, at cabin on Lake Michigan, 1937.

Tom Lyle Williams with Sparkie at the cabin on Lake Michigan, 1937.
Tom Lyle Williams at his Villa Valentino, Hollywood Hills, 1940.
Tom Lyle Williams with his sister Eva Williams-Haines, Chet Hewes, his sister Mabel Williams Hewes, and Ches Haines, California 1938.
Evelyn Williams, my grandmother, with her brother in law Tom Lyle Williams, her son, (my dad,) Bill Williams and my mother Pauline Mac Donald Williams at the Villa Valentino in Hollywood Hills, 1942.

My grandmother, Evelyn Williams, West Los Angeles, California, 1938.
My mother Pauline Mac Donald-Williams, in West LA, California, 1944, 20 years of age.

My sister Donna Williams, California, Summer of Love, 1967 at 18 years old.

My Sister Billee Williams (in front,) 21 years old, with Jerry Marks at Zaca Lake in Santa Barbara, 1976.

Family Reunion, Virginia 1990, John Gary, Gloria Williams (my stepmother) Jackie Haines, Marilyn Williams-Haines-Gary, my father Bill Williams and Bob Williams-Haines. Cousins.

Sharrie and Donna Williams  at Crystal Cove in
 Laguna Beach, 2008.
My brother William Preston Williams lll, with my daughter Georgia in Palm Springs California, 1984.

Here I am (left)  with my friend and founder of Instruments for Africa, Tama Walley,
  Laguna Beach, 2008.

Cousin Chuck Williams with his sister Nancy Williams- Fesler and her husband EJ Fessler in
 Santa Barbara, 2006.
Part of the Maybelline Family at 1990 reunion.

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