Monday, May 9, 2011

Miss Maybelline's unsolved murder, what happened?

Voice America Hosted by Patricia Raskin 
                       May 2, 2011
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Join Patricia as she interviews Sharrie Williams, author of The Maybelline Story: And the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. She is heir to the Maybelline legacy, Tom Lyle Williams's grandniece and Evelyn Boecher Williams's granddaughter. Growing up in their homes, and steward of the vast Maybelline archives, Williams tells the story of the birth of the Maybelline empire and about the fascinating family dynasty behind it.

Evelyn Williams with family friend John Olson in 1968 ten years before her death.

        What happened to Evelyn Williams, Miss Maybelline? 

Find out by listening to a lively discussion between Patricia Raskin and Sharrie Williams as Sharrie reveals the chain of events that lead to her Grandmothers unsolved murder in Hot Springs Arkansas in 1978.

Read the whole story in The Maybelline Story and the 

Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It. 

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