Thursday, June 23, 2011

LILLIAN GISH, Maybelline's long suffering heroine, 1912.

Not only was Lillian Gish born in the right era, but she was also born with the ethereal beauty and grace to make her a star in the silent film industry.  If Mary Pickford was the silent cinema's greatest personality, Lillian was its greatest actress. 

Lillian's film debut came in 1912, when she and her sister starred in An Unseen Enemy under the direction of D.W. Griffith.  This frail and hauntingly beautiful actress created the image of the suffering heroine. 

This was the image that influenced modest young ladies and wearing stage make-up as it was called was not a respectable thing to do.  How did Maybelline gain public acceptance?  To find out you will have to read my book, be sure to pick up a signed copy from this site or buy The Maybelline Story from Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Borders or of course get it on your Kindle or ebook for the Nook. 

A tribute to Lilian Gish.

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