Monday, June 27, 2011

Miss Maybelline's secret from the foutain of youth.

Nana's Beauty secret for making hair grow faster be healthier and look fabulous!

One of my grandmother's favorite actresses in the 1930's was May West, famous for saying "Why don't you come up and see me some time."  In this article West gives a few beauty secrets on make-up and being beautiful.  Nana too had a big bag of beauty secrets which you can see on my website under Beauty Secrets, and here is another one of her favorites for beautiful hair.

Raw fertile egg yokes for making hair grow  faster, be stronger and have an unmistakable healthy shine. 

I know this sounds strange but no other egg found in the world will work quite as well as a raw fertile egg.  You must find the egg now day's in Health Food Stores that carry raw butter, milk and eggs.  Raw fertile eggs have the membrane of the Rooster in them and you absolutely only use the yoke.  You can beat the egg white and use it as a tightening face mask (one of Nana's famous tricks,) but only the yoke is used in this method. 

Just pop the fertile egg yoke in a blender with two cups of fresh squeezed orange juice and you have a frothy  "Orange Julius drink."  It tastes wonderful and get's the protein into the body lickity split so it can start laying down strong cells and build healthy bones, hair and nails.  Drink this twice a week and see if you don't notice difference in your hair, nails and how you generally feel. 

Raw fertile eggs are a "perfect food,"  Nana would say, "pure, nutritious and a miracle food for anyone needing strength and energy."  Raw fertile eggs are one of the best kept secrets in the world.  Leave it to Nana to own the secrets of the fountain of youth. 

Read more about my grandmother, in The Maybelline Story and stay tuned for Tama's African tote bag and my book sold at the store, any day now.  Happy Summer Beach Read. 

May West 1933, click to see what a dame she was.

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