Monday, July 4, 2011

Beach Boy Al Jardine and Chuck Williams sing "Surfin USA".

Beach Boy Al Jardine invites BB1, Chuck Williams up on the stage to sing along with the band last week at Santa Barbara's Music in the Park.  Long time friend of Mike Love and the rest of the Beach Boys since the early 1970's, Chuck has endearingly been called  "The Beach Boys Number 1 fan!"

Al Jardine says he looks forward to holding Dennis Wilson 's drum sticks given to Chuck by Dennis in 1983 before his untimely death, drowning, after falling off his yacht in Marina Del Rey, California.

Al Jardine singing "Surfin USA." 

Al Jardine.

Al Jardine calls chuck up to the stage to sing along with the band.

Friends for over 40 years, Chuck Williams greets
 Al Jardine with a handshake.

Chuck singing "Surfin USA" along with the band.

BB1, Chuck Williams singing with the Band.  I really 

think Chuck has a fascinating memoir about his life in the Maybelline family and his longtime relationship with Mike Love and the Beach Boys.


Click on video to see and hear the Beach Boys singing Surfin USA, at the Live Aid Concert, 1985.

Click here to go to Al Jardine official Website

           THE BEACH BOYS 2010 - " New " Recording  
                          DON`T FIGHT THE SEA

An unfinished Beach Boys recording from 1978 completed in 2010 by Al Jardine . It features the vocals of Brian Wilson , Carl Wilson , Mike Love ...

Side note: Germany is one of the Maybelline Blogs most loyal followers and this could be why - Maybe Germans love The Beach Boys too!

Surfing is one of the premier adventure and recreational activities in Germany. People usually not only from Germany but also all around the globe love to visit Germany for surfing in its exotic locations.

If you think that is interesting, check out

 The Beach Boys on the Mike Douglas Show, July 8th 1969. Part 1: 2 and 3.

Al Jardine and the Surf City All Stars, Santa Barbara, 2011, singing Runaway.

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