Friday, July 29, 2011

Maybelline Company sells to Plough Inc. Dec. 1967.

Maybelline ads in 1967 were all about the ingenue, false eye lashes and fake hair.

Maybelline ad below was on the back of this cover in Dec, 1967

Maybelline introduces false eye lashes in 1967

False eye lashes created the big eye look that would really bloom in 1970.

I bleached my hair back blond, wore a "Fall, (fake hair,) and fell in love with false eye lashes, even wore up to three pair, two on top and one on the bottom.  Here I am on my 20th Birthday, right after filming 5 days of a show called Dream Girls.  We had no Idea Unk Ile was in serious negotiations to sell Maybelline this year.

My mom, Pauline, with her new Datson 2000 roadster convertible, bought in 1967. 
Cousin Chuck Williams, aka BB1, with his girlfriend Kathy, her little brother Michael and his dad, Noel Allen, Dec. 1967, leaving the hotel to catch a plane to Maui, Hawaii. The negotiations for the sale of Maybelline were in the 11th hour at the time this picture was taken. Our lives were about to radically change overnight.                         

My dad Bill, Unk lle and Nana at our house on Christmas Day, 1967.  Unk Ile was with us from 5 o'clock in the evening until 5 o'clock in the morning.  He knew the sale was complete and never mentioned it once.  We would get the shock of our lives in Jan. when a check came in the mail making all five original families multi-millionaires.   

The details of the sale of Maybelline to Plough Inc are spelled out in The Maybelline Story, I hope you get your copy today.  Buy a signed copy from me at  Also check my new bio picture, just click biography on the tap on my website. 

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