Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybelline's Teenage Diva in the 1960's.

Maybelline ad's in the 1960's, were seen more in fashion magazines, than movie magazines, and a new target market emerged as teenage Boomer's discovered  glamour and their own style.

Maybelline's new eye shadow stick was a big hit in 1960 and came in 5 iridescent, jewel-tone shades for $1.  When I turned 13 in 1960 my mother and Nana gave me a makeup bag for my Birthday,  filled with all the Maybelline products seen in this ad.  Of course I didn't wear it to school, but I felt very grown up knowing I had my own makeup and a pair of low heal, high heals, ready to go, if the time ever came when I might need them. 

Sharrie Williams at 13, with a  little Maybelline on my lashes.

When I was a teenager, being a Fashion Diva was the key to finding the perfect guy and having a perfect life.  So did it happen?  Yes and no.   But you'll have to read The Maybelline Story to find out. 

Stay tuned for more 60's lore all this week.  Tell your Fashion Diva friends to check out The Maybelline Blog if they love VINTAGE! 

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