Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Original Maybelline Family in 1916, and 1966.

Maybelline's complete line of eye make-up in 1966, everything a girl needed for extraordinary definition, color and style.

1966, Maybelline Ad.
The original Williams Family in 1916 the year
Maybelline was introduced to the public.
My grandfather William Preston lll, Eva Kaye, Tom Lyle, Mabel Anna, Noel James and their parents, Susan Anna (Alvey,) and Thomas Jefferson Williams.

The remaining siblings from the original Williams family, at Tom Lyle's estate in Bel Air 1966.
Mabel Williams Hewes, Tom Lyle Williams and
Eva Williams Haines.  with Tom Lyle's dogs,
 Miss Snoop E. Wiliams and Sparky.

I flew to Chicago in 1966 and spent the summer with my Auntie Mabel, Auntie Eva, my Nana's sister's, Aunt Verona and Aunt Bunny.  Check in tomorrow for pictures and be sure to read The Maybelline Story to get the details about this American Dream Family from 1910 to 2010

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