Sunday, August 7, 2011

a day in the life of a Maybelline Story reader

The Ladies in Woodland Hills, California just can't put the Maybelline Story down!

Lauri's first mistake was bringing a book for her hairdresser, now everything came to a stop.

She tried to pay for her hair, and the ladies at the desk couldn't but the book down to take her money.

Even at the Farmers Market, she had to know what happened next while trying to fill her bag with organic fruit.

Three hours in her cabana by the pool, she kept reading, barely able to take a phone call as they came in.

Finally she and a friend, late for the theatre  had to grab one last paragraph before running out the door.

It's not surprising that 105 countries have checked into the Maybelline Blog, the nostalgia, the vintage pictures and Maybelline ads bring back memories of the way it used to be in America when life was a little slower and the world was wide open for young entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality.  

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