Friday, August 12, 2011

Maybelline Kids: "To Thine Own Self Be True, in the 1970's."

Plough Inc. merged with Schering and became Schering-Plough in 1971 and the stock doubled for all the Maybelline stockholders.  By June of 1972,  it was my generation's turn to get a taste of honey, with or without our parents blessings. 

Bill Williams and Sharrie, June, 1972.
By 1972, my parents were divorced and my dad was about to marry Linda, against our wishes - so to soften the blow he showered us with gifts to keep us preoccupied.  Here I am on my 25th Birthday with a hand full of hundred dollar bills, meant to pay for a summer in Europe.  He figured that while my sister Donna and I were out of town, he'd sell our house on Lido Isle and buy an estate in Palm Springs, right next door to the famous pianist, Liberace.  He wanted to start a new life with Linda, her three kids and my little sister Billee and brother Preston.  All I wanted to do was marry my boyfriend, Gene Dorney and start a new life myself.

                 My sister Donna, in Barcelona Spain. 

She was supposed to hook up with me for the summer, but decided to take off on her own with friends she'd run into in Paris.  She didn't contact us at all and my uncle Tom Lyle, insisted my dad call the American Embassy and send out a search party.  She finally surfaced after driving us to the brink of fearing the worst.  She'd been shopping all over Paris and London and came home with a suitcase full of the latest 70's fashions.  Looking like a Vogue model, and living in Los Angeles she hoped to break into the film industry someday. 

Sharrie, Tom Lyle, Donna, 1972.
Unk Ile, called my dad and said he wanted to make sure Donna was home safe, so, invited us up for the day.  He was so happy to see my sister, that he hugged her so tight, he thought he broke a rib.  With the same wonderful sense of humor, he was known for, he joked about how funny it would sound to his doctor, when he explained he cracked a rib hugging his niece. 

The Hay Day for the Williams cousins was just beginning as we all came of age in the 1970's.  The quest  to live out our fantasies was in constant conflict with our parents expectations -

and like by dad always said, "I live by the Golden Rule -  The guy who has the gold rules."

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Thank you for following my Maybelline Blog and reading about my American - Dream Family.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures and stories about my cousin Chuck Williams, The Beach Boys and his friendship with Mike Love, that began in 1970.  His dream is still playing out today!!!

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