Monday, August 22, 2011

Maybelline sisters, Mabel and Eva Williams, 50th Wedding Anniversaries.

 Eva (Williams) and Chester Haines 50th Wedding Anniversary, October of 1974 was a landmark celebration for Tom Lyle's baby sister.

Chester Hewes and Mabel (Williams) Hewes - Chester Haines and his bride Eva (Williams,) Haines celebrating Eva and Chet's 50th Anniversary. 

 Married in Oct of 1924, here is a picture of Eva and Ches Haines soon after their Wedding day.

Mabel (Williams) Hewes and Chester Hewes on their Wedding day in 1925.  Mabel died 6 months after Eva and Ches' 50th Wedding Anniversary - in 1975, almost making it to her 50th Wedding Anniversary as well.  

One more big event happened in 1974 that altered the course of my grandmother, Evelyn Williams and my families lives forever.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a
shocking surprise.

More details on the sisters, Mabel and Eva who moved from Morganfield Kentucky to Chicago and found two Chester's, in The Maybelline Story. 

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