Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vintage Maybelline Glamour Alive and Well in Beverly Hills

Glamor, Style and Panache at The Beverly Hills Women's Club, kicked of a season, sure to match the sensational Maybelline Story event.

The Man of the hour, Rags Ragland, (contributor to the Maybelline Story,and son of Harold W. Ragland, marketing genius at Maybelline from 1933 to 1968.)  Author, Sharrie Williams, President of the Beverly Hills Women's Club, Jill Tavelman Collins, Columnist at the Huffington Post, Patricia Rust.                                                   .

Donna Williams, (Sharrie's sister,)  Rags Ragland, Sharrie Williams, Jill Tavelman Collins.

Ann Williams-Corbett, (Sharrie's cousin,) Donna Williams, Rags Ragland,
Sharrie Williams.

Rags Ragland, Sharrie, Jill Tavelman Collins,
 Lauri Tepper.

Ladies Lunching.

Ladies of The Beverly Hills Women's Club, excited to see,  The Maybelline Story.

Buzzing, as the Fall Season for the Club takes off in a whirl of fashion.

Bettie Youngs, of Bettie Youngs Books, Publisher of the Maybelline Story, introduces Sharrie Williams.

Sharrie Williams at the podium.

The Maybelline Story takes the stage, as 235 vintage Maybelline ads and family pictures, set to the music of the Philharmonic Orchestra, playing Beach Boy songs,  and a vintage recording of Tom Lyle Williams, doing a 1930's, Maybelline, Penthouse Serenade commercial, created a special atmosphere for Sharrie to make the Maybelline Story come alive. 

The Maybelline Story presentation, kicked of the Season for the Beverly Hills Women's Club, as well as establishing their new President, Jill Tavelman Collins, in her new position for the year.  The tables were decorated with vintage memorabilia and fresh cut flowers, setting the tone for a walk down memory lane during the 20th Century.  Over 90 ladies filled the grand hall of the beautiful home built in 1916, where the ambiance of the era, bloomed for all who attended.  A separate room, filled with tables of Campaign and wine,  salads and deserts, as well as loads of bright Sunflowers, made the event a special reception for The Maybelline Story to make it's debut in Beverly Hills.

The books were signed by the author after the presentation and many well wishers expressed a desire for a movie, or mini series, like Mildred Pierce ,or Boardwalk Empire.  Romance seemed to be the call of the day, for all the ladies who love nostalgia, history and of course Maybelline.

Sharrie Williams is available to repeat her show.  Information available under CONTACTS. 

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