Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maybelline still gives to those in need through the Tom Lyle Williams Foundation.

Never before seen picture of the Williams Family in 1916.

 Lash-Brow-Ine a product of Maybell Laboratories, had just become Maybelline, named for Tom Lyle's sister Mable, third from the left looking very humbled by the honor.  She is arm and arm with my grandfather, William Preston Williams in his WW l, Navy uniform.  Next to him is Frances Allen, soon to be Tom Lyle's brother, Noel J. Williams, Bride, followed by their mother, Susan Anna Williams, in the center next to her sister in law, Frances Elizabeth Williams.  Tom Lyle and his father, Thomas Jefferson Williams, are on the right.  Below an unknown girl, next to Tom Lyle's sister Eva.                                                                                 

Here are a couple of never before told stories about 
Tom Lyle Williams.

Tom Lyle had the Morganfield Kentucky paper delivered to him in LA. If he saw any one in town needed help he'd send them an anonymous check.

Emery and Lyle had a long-time housekeeper named Leola. When she died Tom Lyle, drove Leola's mother in his Cadillac to a poor neighborhood to attend Leola's funeral. Then he put the mother on the Maybelline payroll which continued until her own death.

Tom Lyle Williams remained a humble, generous man all his life, not only with his family, but with anyone who needed help.  He said that, what ever he gave away came back to him, 10 fold. We could all learn from Tom Lyle's kindness, love and faith.

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