Friday, September 2, 2011

Miss Maybelline, Rest in Peace!!!

Remembering my grandmother, at her memorial, I spoke of her incredible life and what I'd learned from it.

The Chapel was filled with her family and friends.  Two pictures of Nana sat on a table.  She was wearing a black hat with red feathered plums and had one foot up on a chair, exuding all the moxie of a confidant move star. 

The memorial was dramatic, and I gave the eulogy, wearing a 1950’s black Christian Dior dress, just like Nana wore, in her hay-day with Warren.

  My memories of Nana, brought the crowd of loved ones to tears, as details of her amazing life made it impossible to believe she was gone. 

 After the service a line of Cadillac’s, Mercedes and Rolls Royce’s cruised up the hill overlooking the ocean.  It was surreal, as fifty people gathered at the fountain to watch my larger than life grandmother, be put in a
red little box.

But as we soon learned, not for long!!!

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