Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scenes from Goodbye Norma Jean, filmed at my father's Casa Guillermo, 1975

Was Goodbye Norma Jean, a lost sleeper, or has it become a cult-favorite, capturing the film style of the 1970's?

A shot from inside Casa Guillermo.  On the left side is Jean Williams, my dad's cousin.  During the three day shooting of Goodbye Norma Jean, the director asked all of my friends and family to fill up the background in various shots. 

In this shot from Goodbye Norma Jean, Misty Rowe, morphs from being Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe.  The three extras to her right are Jean Williams, my father, Bill Williams and his girlfriend Ernie Quarantello.

On the left is a friend of the family, Gerry Marks, in a scene shot in the living room of Casa Guillermo.

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