Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cowboys, Indians, and the Old West, with the Maybelline family, in 1935.

Cowboy's visit an Indian Reservation, while traveling across the country in 1935.

 My grandparents, Evelyn and Preston Williams, dressed for their road trip, from Chicago to California.

 Cowboy Bill is finally going to see a real 
Indian Reservation.

Wow, after growing up in Chicago, Bill experienced what it was really like to live in a tent on the land.  (This picture was developed a year after their trip.)

My dad and grandmother dressed for the part everyday, while sleeping in a tent.

Nana, always a glamor girl, looked like a million bucks, even sitting on a dirty car.

Here she is posing as if she's going to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Of Course my grandfather, did model for Lord and Taylor and knows all the right moves.

 Outside an old adobe building in either New Mexico, Colorado or Arizona.

Draped on the wheel of an old wagon, Evelyn Williams will go to any length for a good picture.
A little more relaxed with one of the women selling the turquoise jewelery she came home with.
You can't get more Old West than this.  I think this picture is actually reality-art.

Another amazing closeup, of life on a reservation in 1935.

Animal skins drying in the sun.  They were sold to travelers along with turquoise jewelery and hand woven baskets.  Nana loved it all and wore the jewelery her entire life.

A view of daily life on the Reservation, click the picture to get a bigger view.

If you have read The Maybelline Story, I'm sure you've enjoyed seeing these incredible pictures, that go along with the story.  If you haven't read my book, please purchase a signed copy of this most fascinating, stunning, piece of historical nostalgia. Books also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, and can be ordered from any bookstore around the world.

Stay tuned for Sheriff Thomas Jefferson Williams tomorrow and get ready next week for my over the top, depression era, deserts as I make them on AZTV, Arizona.

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