Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mabel represented more than just Maybelline!

 Born in 1892, on the farm in Morganfield Kentucky, Mabel Anna Williams, represented true Love.

Baby Mabel and her Mother Susan Anna Williams.

Mabel as a young woman, in 1916, when her brother Tom Lyle made her the namesake for Maybelline.


Mabel and Chet in 1934. with there three children, Shirley, Tommy and baby Joyce.

  Mabel, the quintessential mother, grandmother and great grandmother, devoted her life to giving everything to her family. 

 One of my favorite stories about auntie Mabel, occurred in about 1953, when her oldest daughter Shirley and her son, Tom, returned to the nest with 6 children
between them, aging from 4, to a newborn.  Her 19 year old daughter Joyce, still lived at home, making a grand total of 13 people in a modest little home.  
Shirley remembers, they had a baby assembly line with the feeding, changing and baths.  One time Mabel came into the kitchen when all the babies were crying and said it sounded like feeding time at the Lincoln Park Zoo.   
 After awhile Mabel, Chet and Joyce moved to a smaller house and left the "baby" house to the young folks.   

I'm sure during these busy day's, Mabel still found time to make her Date Dainty Bars, that served a big family, and was considered wholesome as well as delicious.

Try Mabel's Date Dainty Bars yourself and get that
Old Fashioned taste, you just can't find anymore in our fat free, sugar free world.  Experience real goodness from a desert that goes back to the turn of the century. 

Stay tuned Sat. as Sharrie makes Mabel's Date Dainty Bars, on the The Morning Scramble Show, posted here on the Maybelline Blog.  Also read more about Mabel and Maybelline, in The Maybelline Story. 

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