Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sharrie's upcoming events in October.

Sharrie discusses her father, Bill Williams, love for beautiful automobiles, (below,) and will  be in the Kitchen next week, making her auntie Mabel and auntie Eva's rich, delicious  deserts. Click here, to see Sharrie's  interview, discussing her father Bill Williams,  and his uncle Tom Lyle Williams, at the Villa Valentino.

Bill Williams 1977, Series 1, Clenet, will be shown at The Santa Barbara Concours D' Elegance Oct 28 - 30.  

Be sure to check back next for Sharrie's
 cooking segment on AZTV next week.  She will be making, Maybelline's namesake, Mabel's, Date Dainty Bars,and  Mabel's sister, Eva's, Old Fashioned, Peach Cobbler. Both to die for comfort foods, from the Great Depression. 

               Recipes will be available as well.              

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