Sunday, November 6, 2011

My cousin, Bill Stroh's Porsche story, continued.

Bill, with two of his kids,  Billee and Preston, on Preston's 16th Birthday, the year Bill Stroh's, Porsche came to Casa Guillermo.

Preston's Story continued:

 Through the years I had many experiences with the 911. Being the kid I was, I'd take every advantage of my Dad being away, (as he often was.)  Whether it was having a  friends over, or an occasional full blown party- or my favorite thing - cruising the car's.

Over the years, there were many times of taking the 911 without permission, but three were memorable.  One time in particular, when Dad was out of town, I had my best friend Tom over, and we had been hanging at the house for most of the day, cursing down Palm Canyon and Las Palmas on the Mopeds, when I got a call from one of my friends, who invited us over, so rather than take my Camerro, I thought it would be fun to take the Porsche.

Well I am sure that tom gave me the moral support.  So we zoomed out the gates of the Casa, and headed over to Kenny’s.  After being there a few hours, drinking and getting high, we left feeling no pain, (with that liquid courage, or in this case stupid courage,) we raced around the windy streets, before taking it to a higher level.

I turned on the high beams, picked a long stretch of road, and was ready to roar, when Tom say’s "Dud can I give it a test drive," 

“Sure!!!” I said, so we traded positions, and buckled up for what would prove to be an extreme event in our lives. 

Tom put it in 1st and floored it, we were thrown back into our seats, you know the G-force thing... and Tom got through 1st, then 2nd and then 3rd we were going about a 130, when all of a sudden, we both screamed out ooooh Shitttt!!!!. As we saw a hair pin turn coming about 30 feet ahead, and Tom having some experience racing his 1965 Ford Mustang with a built 289, was aware that you don’t hit The brakes at that speed.  He just took his foot off of the accelerator, and cranked the steering wheel to the right - and I mean to tell you - I think we both saw our short little lives, flash before our eyes, as they were probably closed, and this car hugged the road and held tight all the way through the tight-ass turn.  

We just started laughing and crying, thanking God, that we were still alive!!  When the laughing stopped, we realized that the little 911 had also stopped.  We tried and tried to start the car, until the battery died, so we had to push it half a mile to a gas station to charge the battery and get a little gas.

After that frantic experience, being freaked out, yet glad to be alive, we didn’t think about the fuel level, but the fact was, if that is all it was, and we were safe - as the option of my fathers wrath over the car being wrecked, or worse dying, or crippled for life, being out of gas was a drop in the bucket.

After that we went back to the house and smoked a fatty, in celebration of our stunt, I think that day, I was glad that I let Tom drive, and also that my second cousin Bill Stroh had modified the suspension of that little 911 E, because that most likely saved our lives, and we both have had a great story to tell.

More stories from Preston Williams with the Porsche, to be continued.

Note from Bill Stroh's son John P. Stroh:

The Porsche that Bill bought was a street car for my mom. That engine had 906 cams, and titanium rods, and
cyclinder head's that were not of porsche. I helped rebuild that engine many time's, and know
if you had to service the car, porsche would say WHATS THIS!

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