Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Born to be Car Guys!!!

I guess you'd have to say Bill Williams and his cousin, Bill Stroh, had a love for wheels, right from the get-go!

The two little cousins were the children of Evelyn Williams, and her sister Verona Stroh.

The two Bills grew up together in Chicago, and loved anything that they could push, ride or burn rubber in.

Best of buddy's, The young Bill's lived together during some rough times in the 1920's, when Evelyn and Preston were working out their differences. 

The boy's were practically twins.  Born a few weeks a part, handsome little chaps with truck loads of enthusiasm,
 especially for cars.

Even when Bill Williams moved away from Chicago, to California, Bill Stroh visited during the Summer months and their devotion for anything fast continued to grow.

Bill Williams in his first car.

Born to be Car Guys: 
To be Continued.

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