Thursday, November 3, 2011

Car Guy's grow up!!!!

Bill Williams collected beautiful automobiles for the pleasure of being seen in them.  Bill Stroh raced fast cars for the pleasure of driving them. 
Ladies man, Bill Williams, became an avid car collector, in his late 40's, after the Maybelline Company sold in 1967. He bought Casa Guillermo, in Palm Springs in 1973, for it's 4 garages, and two acres of land, where stored several more cars.                                     

Man's man, Bill Stroh on the other hand, became a hands-on, race car driver for Porsche, in the 1960's, making quite a name for himself in Chicago's racing world. 

Check in tomorrow and see a couple of Bill Stroh's racing cars and find out the outcome of, Born to be Car Guy.

This weekend I will also be posting some of my brother Preston's, memories, of what it was like being a kid with so many fast cars at his disposal, when dad was out of town, especially Bill Stroh's racing Porsche.


            Her Story Curls Eyelashes

Author Sharrie Williams will speak at Laguna Beach Books Saturday, Nov. 5, at 5 p.m. about her family memoir, “The Maybelline Story…and The Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It”.

Williams, a former Laguna Beach resident, will bring the story to life with a presentation using vintage family photos. Light refreshments will be served and guests will have a chance to chat with American Association of University Women members.

Read the Q&A with Williams published in Laguna Beach Magazine’s September issue.

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