Sunday, November 20, 2011

TL Williams, recording, Penthouse Serenade.

Vintage recording of Maybelline commercial, done by the TL Williams and his family, just having fun at a party.

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                 T.L Williams (Penthouse Saranade (video).wmv

When Tom Lyle's sister Eva and her husband Ches Haines, bought a new record-making machine, in 1947, the first thing they did was invite the family over to record a pretend Maybelline radio show.  "Penthouse Serenade" is the result. 
Listen to Tom Lyle as MC, with Rag's Ragland at the piano and Ches Haines singing, while the rest of the family joins in.  This never before heard recording, has been packed away for over 60 years.  My cousin Jerry Westhouse, Eva's grandson, was kind enough to share it with me, so I could share it with you.  

Read more about the radio show, Penthouse Serenade hosted by The Maybelline Hour, with Orchestra leader, Freddy Martin, in The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.  

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