Saturday, December 31, 2011

Remembering New Years Eve, past!!!

Bill Williams, Gloria Rosan, Noel A. and Jean Williams, 1976.

Bill and Gloria Williams married New Years Eve, 1979, at Jean and Noel A. Williams, home
in Montecito California

Charity event together at the Coral Casino, in Santa Barbara, California, 1981.

Noel A., Jean, Gloria and Bill Williams on an Alaskan Cruise, in 1993 a few months before Noel A. passed away in 1994, from heart complications. 

The two couples had spent the last 18 years together living a quieter lifestyle after the wild 1970's.  Especially Bill Williams, after marrying Gloria.  She slowed him down and added years to his life. 

Bill and Jean Williams both died in 2006, and Gloria followed them in 2009.  They are greatly missed by their children and grandchildren today. 

Happy New Years Eve, 2011, Wishing all of you around the world a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!!!

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