Friday, December 23, 2011

Maybelline family Christmas, during WW ll, 1943.

Merry Christmas, 1943, with the Noel J. and Frances Williams family.
Christmas poker game with Noel J,  Dick,  Neppy, Frances and antie Ida, (Frances sister.) Chicago.
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Noel J, with two of his four children, 23 year old,
 Neppy and 11 year old Dick Williams.

Dick Williams, playing with one of his Christmas presents, a toy, WW ll, bomber plane.  Dick was fascinated with speed and was the first kid in school, to have a motorcycle, when he was only 14 years old.  

In January, I will be posting more about Dick Williams and the beautiful Excalibur's, he collected after the sale of the Maybelline Co. during the 1970s.

Also in January I will be at the Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction again this year, with my cousin Chuck Williams, aka, BB1.  We  have found Tom Lyle's 1940 Packard Victoria, built by the custom body builders Bohman & Schwartz, and will be doing a series of video's for the Maybelline Blog.  This is going to be very exciting for those of you who love vintage classic cars.

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