Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maybelline's little mascara company was De Luxe!!!!!

De Luxe Mascara, owned by Tom Lyle's brother in law Chet Hewes, became a powerful force within the Cosmetic Industry.
Vogue Magazine, 1947.  Women were becoming very independent.  Mascara was a staple in every woman's make-up bag. 

Maybelline's message to the girl in 1947 -Have more assurance, be bold, daring and determined, with Maybelline. 

Mabel and Chet's children grew up, knowing                 
they had a future in the family busines.  Their father was a smart busines man who built, De Luxe Mascara into the well respected company, that not only made Maybelline mascara, but made mascara for the entire cosmetic industry

When Shirley married Jim Hughes, her new husband went to work for De Luxe, until Chet retired and turned the business over to his son Tommy Hewes. Shirley and Jim had three girls, Janet, Donna and Linda Hughes.  Donna carried on the family business with her daughter Courtney.  They own a successful, Graphic Design company, called Hughes Design, in Chicago.

Tommy Hewes, Chet and Mabel's only son, was the sole heir of De Luxe until his untimely death in 1962, at only 33 years of age.  His wife Mary Lee Hewes, took over the business until the Maybelline Company sold in 1967.  Tommy and Mary had 6 children, Suzie, Tom Jr. Teri, Trudi, Michael and David. Trudy Hughes Dietzen, is the mother of Brian Dietzen, well known for playing,
Jimmy Palmer, on NCIS since 2004.

Chet and Mabel's great grandson, Brian Dietzen, plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS.

The Sexy men of NCIS in a TV Guide Photo Shoot. Michael Weatherly, Brian Dietzen, Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, Rocky Carroll, David McCallum, Credit: CBS - TV Guide - NCIS

Beautiful little Joyce, the baby of the family wasn't that interested in making mascara, but went on to become a private secretary to a high ranking official, in Washington DC.  She eventually married him, but never had any children.

Three fun things that happened in 1947

- Christian Dior introduces The "New Look" in women's fashion, in Paris.

- Jackie Robinson, the first African American in modern Major League Baseball, signs a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

- The Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of King George VI, marries The Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom.

Mabel and Chet's daughter Shirley on the far right, with her daughters Janet Strandberg, Donna Zielinski and Linda Hughes. back row, Janet's daughter Shannon Leary and Donna's daughter, Courtney Zielinski.

Chet and Mabel's family with Shirley third on the left, followed by her sister, Joyce and Tommy's widow,
Mary Lee.

 Read more about Chet Hewes and his tremendous contribution to the Maybelline Company in, The Maybelline Story and the Spirited Family Dynasty Behind It.

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