Friday, January 13, 2012

Louis B Mayer, TL Williams and Emery Shaver at MGM.

Tom Lyle Williams and his partner, Emery Shaver, conducted business on a regular basis at MGM.  Negotiating Maybelline contracts, with some of Louis B. Mayer's,  most beautiful Stars.

                                          MGM Studio's famous gates.

          Louis B Mayer on the left with Paulette Goddard.

Paulette Goddard in an early 1940's Maybelline ad.

The FACE of Maybelline, in the 1940s, Joan Crawford.

MGM Star Joan Crawford, also Tom Lyle's personal friend.

One of the most beautiful women in the world,
Hedy Lamarr

                    MGM Star, Hedy Lamarr and Maybelline model.

                                                 Exotic Merle Oberon.

Merle Oberon made pictures at MGM for Samuel Goldwyn Productions, and was a Maybelline model.

My father Bill Williams and his mother Evelyn with uncle, Tom Lyle and Emery Shaver, (seated.)  Standing next to TL's 1934 Packard Victoria with the extra long hood.

To be Continued:

Read all about Maybelline and Old Hollywood in
                        The Maybelline Story.

Tom Lyle and Emery were bi-coastal, between Chicago and Hollywood in the 1930's and though Tom Lyle was a Hollywood mogul, contracting the biggest Stars in the world, he remained the Godfather for his family throughout his entire life. 

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